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Chapter 1870: Wear His Pants

“Are you really friends with General Ye?” Mr. Yang asked excitedly.

“Yes.” Huo Sanyan nodded.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“I did, but you didn’t believe me.”

Huo Sanyan did mention that she had a friend in the base. Yet, Mr. Yang never believed her.

“How close are you two?” Mr. Yang then asked.

“I wear his pants all the time.” Huo Sanyan smiled.

Mr. Yang immediately regretted not agreeing to the intern’s request earlier.

Then, he had never expected that the intern had such a close relationship with the General either.

It was as if he’d found a treasure, and Mr. Yang quickly changed his mind and pulled Huo Sanyan to one side.

“Since you’re so close with the General, then I’m sending you to the base. I need you to do a full interview with the General! Do you understand? I’m giving you the full authority on this job!” Mr. Yang said.

“Then, what about the interview in Mei City?”

“Others can take care of that! Chop, chop! Hurry up! We don’t have time to lose out on such a huge interview! And send me everything the moment you get it.”

“Will do.”

Because of Ye Xun, Huo Sanyan got to stay at the base and managed to change Mr. Yang’s opinion on her. She even got the best equipment the company had to offer.

Huo Sanyan packed her stuff and found the cameraman waiting for her outside the hotel.

After returning to the base, Huo Sanyan got to stay with Ye Xun in the main tent while the cameraman was put in a separate living tent.

After that, Huo Sanyan was like Ye Xun’s personal assistant. Anywhere he went, she followed.

During the time at the base, Huo Sanyan noticed how handsome and charming Ye Xun was when he gave out orders.

A few days later, Huo Sanyan and the cameraman went to the warzone to see if they could find something worth reporting.

They stood at the border that overlooked the warzone. After being bombarded by missiles and canons, pits and burned ground could be seen all over the border. A faint wind was enough to blow up specks of dust all over them.

Since there wasn’t any wire fence to stop them, Huo Sanyan and the cameraman stood outside the forest that connected the Dragon Kingdom with the Fei Country.

The cameraman then suggested entering the forest to see if they could find anything worth taking pictures of.

“But… Isn’t that too dangerous?” Huo Sanyan voiced her concern.

“I don’t think it will be. They said the fighting was put on hold for a few days. We just have to go in and take a few pictures of the effects of the fight, that’s all,” the cameraman said.

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