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Chapter 1901: I Know What I Must Do

Just as he stood up and steadied himself, Huo Yunshen grabbed him by the collar again and warned him, “Let me tell you Ye Xun! Disabled… paralyzed… none of these things are scary. The scariest thing is losing the courage to face your life!

“War is cruel! You should know this better than anyone else. Many people sacrificed a lot because of the war. People who lost both their legs and hands can be found everywhere. You are much luckier than them!

“You only lost an arm but why don’t you think that you are lucky that you still have a healthy arm and still have a complete pair of legs?

“You should know I was paralyzed for five years. How did I pass through those five years? I couldn’t walk and it was basically the same as not having two legs! Life brought me to hell but it was love that made me stand again.

“Do you think your hand will be complete if you chase away Huo Sanyan? No! You will realize you lost even more! Your heart, your soul… they will all be lost!”

“Right now, you still have the chance to get them back. Nothing is too late. It just depends on how you want to continue living!”

Huo Yunshen finished shouting all this while filled with anger. He pushed him away fiercely.

Ye Xun stood stupefied in the heavy rain but he was thinking deeply about what Yunshen said and was reflecting on himself.

Jing Xi knew he would definitely listen to him. She handed her umbrella to him. “Ye Xun, go quickly! I saw that Sanyan was still outside the entrance just now. She shouldn’t have gone far.”

Ye Xun lifted his head at this moment and in front of his eyes was a dark curtain of rain. However, he now understood his heart and knew the direction of his future life.

He was very thankful to Huo Yunshen for waking him up at a crucial moment.

“I know what I must do!”

He didn’t take the umbrella but instead, rushed straight into the heavy rain and fog.

At the Ye Residence.

Right now, Huo Sanyan realized she had made a very stupid decision by leaving the car behind. The wind and rain outside were very heavy. The wind had blown her umbrella away.

She was currently dragging her luggage on an unknown street while getting drenched by the rain. If someone saw her, they would definitely think she was crazy.

She wanted to find somewhere to hide from the rain. She thought about hiding under a tree but she remembered there was lighting right now. To be safe, she had no choice but to continue to walk forward.

As she walked, she heard the faint sounds of someone calling her name. It sounded a bit like Ye Xun’s.

It couldn’t be!

She must’ve imagined it!

Huo Sanyan continued to walk forward and didn’t stop until the shouting grew louder and louder, nearer and nearer.

“Huo Sanyan…”

It was impossible that she imagined it this time. Feeling astonished, she turned around and saw a figure running in the rain towards her from afar

It was Ye Xun!


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