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Chapter 1891: This Was All In Her Imagination

“Do you want to get in the car? I will bring you to see him.”

“Okay!” Huo Sanyan got in and said with a smile. “I’m in, go ahead and drive! Take me to see him!”

Huo Sanyan thought Ye Xun would definitely have many affairs to handle since he just came back. He was definitely at the palace right now giving reports on the war.

She was full of anticipation while going to see him with Jing Xi. However, she realized Jing Xi drove to the hospital.

She stopped downstairs at the hospital and Huo Sanyan found it odd. “Jing Xi, aren’t you taking me to see Ye Xun? Why are we at the hospital?”

Jing Xi looked at Huo Sanyan and didn’t reply. Huo Sanyan became aware she was silent and sensed something was wrong.

“What is it, Jing Xi? Did something happen?” Huo Sanyan continued to ask.

Jing Xi took a deep breath and said, “Sanyan, I came to pick you up personally today because I hope you can prepare yourself.”

“Why do I need to prepare myself” Her smile froze and her heart tensed up.

“Ye Xun… he… something happened to him!” Jing Xi told her with great difficulty. After she finished, both her eyes were red.

“Something happened? What happened? Quickly tell me!” Huo Sanyan grabbed Jing Xi’s wrist and begged.

“Ye Xun, while he was on the battlefield… he got hurt. We initially wanted to tell you once he wakes up but I can’t bear to hide it from you, so…”

Jing Xi didn’t continue to speak. Huo Sanyan would be able to understand it even if she didn’t say it.

Huo Sanyan heard Ye Xun was heavily injured and she was completely shocked. An explosive went off in her head and it went blank, her tears falling almost instantly.

This was completely not what she had imagined!

She had already prepared everything and was just waiting for Ye Xun to come back to have the marriage. However, she now told her that Ye Xun was heavily injured. How was she supposed to accept this!

“How did he get injured? How severe are his injuries?” She asked but couldn’t get answers. Images of Ye Xun being bloodied and injured appeared in Huo Sanyan’s head and she cried, “Where is he?! Bring me to see him!”

She came to the patient room where Ye Xun was. There were guards at the entrance. When they saw Jing Xi coming with Huo Sanyan, they greeted her respectfully and gave way.

Huo Sanyan pushed open the patient room door and then walked in, seeing a scene where he was lying on the hospital bed.

His head was wrapped in bandages and his arms were also fully wrapped in bandages. When Huo Sanyan saw this scene with her own eyes, tears came falling out of her eyes like floodwater. She could no longer hold it anymore, her tears flowing out silently.

“Ye Xun! Prince Ye…”

She lunged towards the bedside and started to cry bitterly.

Jing Xi then came in. When she saw the sad look on her, she could only pat her shoulder in silence to comfort her.

After Huo Sanyan cried for a

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