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Chapter 1879: Overflowing With Emotion

“Yes! Do you guys know me?”

“That’s right. Mr. Ye already gave us all of your information and pictures. You are our store’s honored VIP right now! Miss Huo, please follow me!”

The employee led them in enthusiastically. She then made coffee and brought out some snacks for them and asked them to wait for a while.

Not long after, the employee from just now came back to speak with Huo Sanyan. “Miss Huo, please take a look at this. This is the wedding dress Mr. Ye custom ordered for you.”

Huo Sanyan and Jing Xi both turned their heads to look. When the curtain was pulled, a gorgeous wedding dress appeared in front of them.

The moment Huo Sanyan saw it, she was so stunned that she covered her mouth. It was because the wedding dress was simply too beautiful.

It was so beautiful it was breathtaking. Its beauty radiated all around and dazzled the eyes.

It was so beautiful that she couldn’t think of the right word to describe it’s uniqueness.

“Wow! What a beautiful wedding dress! Ye Xun is so considerate!” Jing Xi shook Huo Sanyan, who was in a daze.

Huo Sanyan was completely stunned. At this moment, her heart was extremely moved. An aching joy filled her chest and it made her want to cry.

She never really thought that Ye Xun would be so meticulous as to prepare a wedding dress for her beforehand. He had always been waiting for her.

She was so moved that tears started to fall. She couldn’t control it no matter how hard she tried.

Jing Xi knew she was crying tears of joy. She held her and said, “Okay, okay. Ye Xun prepared such a huge surprise for you, you should be happy. Stop crying and quickly try it on! I can’t wait to see what you look like after you put it on.”

“Okay.” It was only after Jing Xi’s advice that Huo Sanyan stopped crying. After she wiped her tears, she followed the employee to the fitting room.

Once Huo Sanyan finished putting on the wedding dress, the curtain was pulled open again. A bride with beauty beyond compare appeared in front of her.

It was now Jing Xi’s turn to have her breath taken away. She covered her mouth and looked at her in awe.

She then stood up to examine her. “Sanyan! This wedding dress is really so pretty. It is very well suited to your queen-like temperament. Perhaps you are the only person who can pull off this wedding dress. It really is so beautiful! It is so beautiful that it makes me want to get married one more time.”

Jing Xi’s joke caused Huo Sanyan to laugh.

Huo Sanyan lowered her head to look at the gorgeous dress and her heart was overflowing with emotion.

At this time, the employee promptly explained, “Miss Huo, this wedding dress was custom made by hand. Our lead designer spent about one year on it before finishing it. Each of the diamonds on this dress was handwoven onto it. It is the only one of its kind in the entire world. Moreover, it also has a very nice sounding name. It is calle

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