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Chapter 1872: Reluctant

Before the enemies could react, the person took them down in a swift manner.

All six enemies were taken down in an instant. Huo Sanyan and the cameraman were still hugging their heads worriedly.

When Huo Sanyan raised her head and saw who had come, she knew she was in huge trouble.

It was Ye Xun. Now that Ye Xun knew that both she and the cameraman broke the rules and went into the warzone, they would have to get punished for it.

Ye Xun wore a black uniform, and he was breathing heavily from rage. His stare would make others mistake him for Satan himself.

After taking care of the six enemies, Ye Xun ran to Huo Sanyan’s side to check if she was hurt or not.

“Huo Yan!” Ye Xun shouted as he helped her up. “Are you hurt?”

Huo Sanyan shook her head and asked, “Why are you here?”

“Why else? Do you even know where this is? What in the world were you thinking?”

Ye Xun was really enraged. When he went back to the base just now and couldn’t find Huo Sanyan, he got worried. After asking around, Ye Xun learned that Huo Sanyan and the cameraman had gone to the border.

With how tense the situation was, going to the border without any escort was a suicide mission.

After learning that, Ye Xun rushed to where Huo Sanyan was. The moment he got there, he saw Huo Sanyan and the cameraman being surrounded by enemies.

Without thinking twice, Ye Xun shot and killed three of the enemies before putting the remaining three to sleep.

After the danger was gone, Ye Xun looked at Huo Sanyan. Even though he was angry, he was more worried about her, and it made him reluctant to scold her.

“Well, whatever. As long as you’re fine…” Ye Xun sighed as he hugged Huo Sanyan tightly.

If something were to happen to Huo Sanyan, Ye Xun would blame himself for the rest of his life since it would have happened inside his territory.

He was happy that Huo Sanyan wasn’t hurt. There wasn’t anything more important to him than her safety.

“I’m sorry… We thought we could get some good photos…” Huo Sanyan apologized. “We never thought there would still be enemies here…”

“You don’t have to explain anymore. Let’s go back,” Ye Xun said as he let Huo Sanyan go.

“Okay.” Huo Sanyan nodded.

But seconds after they turned to leave, the cameraman realized that he’d dropped his camera.

“General, I’m sorry… But can I go get my camera back?”

“Do you have a death wish?” Ye Xun scolded.

“No… But if I lose the camera now, I’ll get fired…”

The cameraman had his own troubles too.

“Fine,” Ye Xun sighed. “I’ll ask my men to look for the camera. We’re going back to the base this instant!”

“Thank you so much.”

As the three of them left, none of them realized that one of the Fei Country soldiers had woken up. He sneakily took out a grenade and threw it towards them.

But he was already dying and couldn’t throw the grenade far enough.

When Ye Xun turned and saw the grenade, he qu

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