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Chapter 1874: Don’t Treat Me Differently

Ye Xun found the best camera for the cameraman the next day.

He also arranged for a few soldiers to accompany them to the border for new pictures.

When Huo Sanyan returned from the short trip, she couldn’t find Ye Xun in the base. She then asked around to see if anyone knew where he was.

Ye Xun was at another part of the border overseeing the building of new trenches.

Not only was he overseeing it, but he even took off his uniform to help build the trenches.

With him among the builders, none of the soldiers dared to loaf on their jobs. There was no way they threatened to when their highest commanding officer worked twice as hard as they did.

Seeing how hard the soldiers were working, Huo Sanyan took up a shovel to help out.

One of the soldiers noticed Huo Sanyan coming down and nudged Ye Xun.

“General, your friend is here too.”

Ye Xun raised his head up and noticed Huo Sanyan among the crowd. Seeing her work hurt him.

He agreed to let her stay but not to do that kind of hard work. There was no way a rich lady like her could take on such a job.

“Huo Yan, why are you here?” Ye Xun asked.

“To help.” Huo Sanyan smiled.

“There’s nothing you can help with here. Go back,” Ye Xun ordered.

“I can help!”

Huo Sanyan really hoped that Ye Xun could think of her as a man so that he wouldn’t treat her differently.

She was worried that the soldiers might start to laugh at him.

“No can do! Didn’t I say you have to listen to my orders? Are you disobeying me now?”

“I just want to help! Look at me, I’m not as fragile as you think.”

To prove herself, Huo Sanyan bent down and started digging.

Huo Sanyan was born into the wealthy Huo family. She never had to worry about bringing food to the table, nor did she have to do labor. But after arriving at the border, she learned how hard it was for the soldiers to live.

She also began to understand how hard Ye Xun’s life was. When he was busy, he could only get less than four hours of sleep a day. But Huo Sanyan never cared about his life, what he had to go through every day.

Realizing how little she used to care about him, Huo Sanyan vowed that she would take better care of him and love him unconditionally.

Seeing how weak Huo Sanyan was at digging, Ye Xun jumped into the trench and took her shovel away.

He then picked her up and went straight back to the base.

“Wait… What’s happening now? What’s their relationship?” one of the soldiers asked after Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan left.

“I heard they are best friends.”

“Really? Are they actually gay?”

“What? I always thought the General was straight!”

It was clear as to why the soldiers would think that Ye Xun and Huo Yan were in a gay relationship. Plus, Huo Sanyan was a woman from the beginning. Her dressing up as a man had made her, or him, look weak, and it would make any man want to protect him.

Huo Sanyan was

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