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Chapter 1903: Need To Control Yourself

“There’s no need to keep on thanking us. Quickly go up and have a hot bath. I made some ginger soup to treat colds. Drink it after you finish bathing. Yunshen and I will head back now to take care of some things,” Jing Xi instructed them.

“Oh, okay. Be careful when you guys are driving back.”

After they sent the husband and wife out, both of them felt thankful in their hearts and then went upstairs to bathe.

Huo Sanyan entered the bathroom in the second bedroom and Ye Xun followed. Huo Sanyan asked, “Aren’t you going to bathe in the master bedroom?”

“It is hard for me with my arm. I will bathe with you and you can help me take off my clothes.”


After they entered the bathroom, Huo Sanyan took off her wet clothes and then helped him to take off his. She turned on the water and said, “Okay, you go ahead and bathe!”

“I already said we will bathe together.”

Ye Xun used one hand to grab her waist and brought her into the bathtub to bathe together straight away.



“Punish me! I was an asshole to you before!”

“How could I bear to do so? I understand how you feel. Everything will pass!”

The more Huo Sanyan tried to play it down, the more self-blame Ye Xun felt.

“I really am a bastard!”

Huo Sanyan held his face and told him seriously, “Even if you are bastard, I still love you!”

The next second, the two of them kissed each other deeply and coiled around each other.

The two of them did it once in the bathtub. After they came out, Ye Xun still wanted her but Huo Sanyan rejected his idea.

“Not now!”

“Why? We only did it once!” He kept clinging to her. He wanted her so badly.

Now that they reconciled after their relationship experienced challenges, Ye Xun felt like he loved her even more. It was almost like he really wanted to become conjoined twins with her so that he could be with her every minute and every second.

Huo Sanyan knew he had good endurance and could last a long time. He wouldn’t get tired after doing it once or twice. However, the circumstances now were different!

“Ye Xun! You need to control yourself for the sake of our baby!”


Astonished, Ye Xun looked at her face and then looked at her belly. He asked in disbelief, “Are you telling me that you are pregnant?”

“Yes.” Huo Sanyan nodded slightly shyly.

“Really? This is wonderful!”

When Ye Xun heard this good news, almost all of his misfortune and despair was chased away.

He was overwhelmed with joy!

Huo Sanyan was finally pregnant!

He was about to become a father!

Ye Xun took her into his embrace. He held her then let go, held her then let go, repeating this several times. He said, sounding very regretful, “Do you know how happy I am, Yanyan? I’m astonished! I’m pleasantly surprised! I really want to lift up my princess and turn around three times.”

However, he only had one hand right now and had n

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