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Chapter 1893: He Is A Hero!

During the time Ye Xun was unconscious, Huo Sanyan would care for him meticulously as he had cared for her in the past.

She had learned many things because she considered that in the future when she wouldn’t have Ye Xun to shelter her, she would need to face many things by herself.

She asked Jing Xi to start teaching her how to massage acupuncture points. She hoped this would help him in the future.

She bought some tutorial books and started to seriously learn how to cook. She hoped she would be able to make the dishes he loved to eat the most.

Ning Luoxiao also came to visit Ye Xun today. She also expressed her sadness when she saw her good friend in such a state.

“He is a hero!”

Ning Luoxiao was touched by his willingness to spill blood for the country. At the same time, she also felt sorry that he lost his left arm. However, she didn’t say anything as she was afraid it would make Huo Sanyan sad. “Did the doctor say when he might wake up?”

“They’re not sure. His brain was severely injured so the doctors are unable to give an exact time. Everything depends on the heavens.”

Huo Sanyan turned to look at Ye Xun, picked up his healthy right hand, and sighed.

However, at this moment, she felt as though Ye Xun’s fingers moved. She immediately said happily to Ning Luoxiao, “Ning Luoxiao! I think his fingers moved just now.”

Ning Luoxiao turned over to look in shock.”They moved?”

Huo Sanyan looked again and they didn’t have another reaction. “Maybe it was in my imagination. Sigh…”

Ning Luoxiao comforted, “It might not have been your imagination. It might not be long before he wakes up. There is always a process when people wake up from vegetative states.”

The sleeping Ye Xun already almost showed signs of waking up. He was feeling around in the darkness, searching nonstop.

It was as if there was something he hadn’t completed in his memory. That’s why he kept on trying to find a way to break open the cage in the darkness.

He felt as though he heard someone speaking. Where did this sound come from? He really wanted to find the source of this voice.

He kept trying, again and again. It was getting near, nearer and nearer…

When he got closer, the voice also became clearer and clearer. However, he couldn’t see it and the only thing he could do was to stretch his hand to grab it.

He wanted to stretch out his hand to grab something, exhausting all of his energy.

Darkness, the borderless and boundless darkness. It felt the same as the darkness from when he was a baby hiding inside his mother.

It was as if he could hear bullets falling like hail next to his ear again and also the sound of her mother’s heartbreaking screams…

And also the loud noises from explosions… his head really hurt…

It was as if he had sunk into a dark heavy nightmare. He struggled to open his eyes, wanting to escape from this terrifying dreamland.

He thought he saw a

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