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Chapter 1867: Missed Him So Much That She Was About To Go Crazy!

“Little scoundrel! Right now, it is you who came to me! I won’t hold back!”

Ye Xun changed posture and lifted her up horizontally straight away. He walked towards the rest area behind the camp.

“Hey! What are you trying to do? Bastard! Let me go!”

She struggled in his embrace. Unfortunately, struggling was of no use.

“I won’t! Today, I want to show you clearly what a bastard is!”

Ye Xun put her down on the couch in the rest area. Huo Sanyan lay on top and wanted to get up but it was a bit difficult.

Right now, it felt as though she was a fish and he was a chef. She was a little lamb that could be slaughtered at any moment.

Ye Xun started to undress. After he took off the hooks, he started to undo the buttons one by one and then took off his coat.

She saw he was for real and Huo Sanyan was at a loss of words. This scum kept on not wanting to untie her. It turned out he wanted to role play with uniforms and BDSM… motherf**ker!

Ye Xun threw himself at her after he took off his coat. However, it wasn’t to do anything to her but instead, to untie her.

After she was untied, he saw red marks around her wrists and it made his heart hurt.

Huo Sanyan was still angry. She was so angry that she wanted to pull her hands back. However, he didn’t let go. Not only did he not let go, he even pulled her into his embrace straightaway.

Hugging her once again.

It was so tight that it was as if he wanted to shove her into his body.


His voice sounded raspy and muffled. His chin was carefully caressing the top of her head, showing the longing he felt through his actions.

This scum finally called her Yanyan!

Calling her this caused Huo Sanyan’s eyes to immediately get wet and she just lay down on his chest and started to cry.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry… It was I who caused you to suffer so much. Even if I say sorry ten thousand times, it still wouldn’t be enough of an apology to you. Yanyan…”

He let her go, lowered his head, and looked at her small, tear-covered face. He then took off the fake hair on her head. A streak of long black hair fell out. She was the Huo Sanyan he recognized once again.

“Ye Xun! You are detestable! Do you know that you are detestable!?” she said as she cried.

“I know. You can hit me, scold me, and be angry at me. I can take it. Come, use your fist to hit me! Hit me fiercely! As long as it can help you vent!”

He held her hand and used it to hit him.

How could Huo Sanyan be willing to hit him?

She already forgave him long ago. Moreover, it was only recently that she realized how much she loved him. She missed him so much that she was about to go crazy!

“I won’t hit you! What would I do if I hit and broke you?”

Huo Sanyan pulled her hand back and said tearfully, “You detestable fella. Why did you make me so upset?! Why did you make me miss you so much? Why did I feel thi

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