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Chapter 1886: An Accident

Huo Sanyan could still recall how Ye Xun always tried to persuade her to have children, but she never agreed to it. Now that she learned that she was pregnant, she couldn’t wait to see Ye Xun’s excited face.

While the news was a happy surprise for Huo Sanyan, it wasn’t for Ning Luoxiao.

Ning Luoxiao had only made out once in her life, and that was with Bai Yanchuan at the resort.

The child definitely belonged to Bai Yanchuan.

Ning Luoxiao was depressed, as the child came at the worst possible time.

Even though Huo Sanyan was excited to hear the news, Ning Luoxiao’s troubled face did not escape her sight. It was clear that an unexpected pregnancy was a problem for her.

Huo Sanyan knew that Ning Luoxiao was still single and had no boyfriend. The million-dollar question was who the kid belonged to.

Huo Sanyan had to learn about the truth first before she could do anything to help Ning Luoxiao.

The doctor was still staring at the two ladies waiting for their replies.

“We will keep the children,” Huo Sanyan said.

The doctor then told them about the precautions they should take and informed them to come back for ultrasound tests a few weeks later.

The two ladies left after that with the reports in their hands.

“Xiaoxiao, what happened?” Huo Sanyan asked the moment they got into the car. “Who’s the father?”

“Yanyan…” Ning Luoxiao sighed.

“Don’t keep sighing. Hurry up and tell me. I should be able to help you to some extent.”

Huo Sanyan was already picturing the story of Ning Luoxiao being violated by some random stranger.

“It’s…” Ning Luoxiao opened her mouth but then paused for a few seconds before continuing. “The kid is Mr. Bai’s… This shouldn’t have happened… What should I do now?”

Ning Luoxiao was at the pinnacle of her career. The only thing left for her to achieve was becoming the most famous news reporter in all of Mo City.

The pregnancy would have a significant impact on her job. Not only that, her family would give her a huge scolding if they came to learn that she got pregnant before marriage.

The most troubling part for Ning Luoxiao was her relationship with Bai Yanchuan. She was just starting to get to know him, and the sudden news would throw all of her chances with him away.

“Mr. Bai? You mean Bai Yanchuan?! He’s the father?” Huo Sanyan asked with her eyes wide open.

She’d only learned about Ning Luoxiao’s crush on Bai Yanchuan hours before that, and now Ning Luoxiao was telling her that the kid belonged to him. Huo Sanyan couldn’t believe how fast the situation was progressing.

“Yes…” Ning Luoxiao sighed again.

“When did you two… you know, do that? I thought you said he doesn’t even know you have a crush on him?”

“At the resort… He came into my room accidentally, and he was drunk…,” Ning Luoxiao explained.

“I remember now! Ye Gongzi was also drunk that night! Then… That’s why we got pregnant at the same time

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