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Chapter 1869: Was Too Enticing

“I can’t carry a gun but I can carry a microphone and a camera. Right now, I am here as a war correspondent. I have a duty to stay at the frontlines.”

Wanting to stay, Huo Sanyan even took out her journalist pass.

“Sigh. Why can’t you just listen to what I say?” Ye Xun was at his wit’s end with her.

Huo Sanyan went and hugged his waist straight away and started to act coquettish. “Master Ye, just let me stay! As long as you let me stay, in the future, my heart will be yours to do whatever you please with.”

“You…” Damn it. This was too enticing. He couldn’t reject it!

And just like that, Ye Xun agreed to let her stay. Huo Sanyan wanted to go back to Mei City in the afternoon.

“I am going to go get something so wait for me to go and inform Director Yang of the interview group. I will then come back to find you.”

“Okay. Let Company Commander Gu send you there.”

Huo Sanyan agreed. Company Commander Gu drove a military car to send her back to Mei City. After Huo Sanyan got to know him, she learned his name was Gu Yong. He was a nice person and also very earnest.

Gu Yong apologized to her and expressed that he hadn’t known who she was last night and hoped he didn’t offend her.

“It’s fine. You guys are just carrying out your duties. That is how a soldier should act!” Huo Sanyan expressed that she didn’t take any offense.

Gu Yong felt very relieved. His impression of his commanding officer’s missus also greatly improved. He felt that a woman who chased after a man to a military barracks at least showed how much she loved their commanding officer!

By the time Huo Sanyan arrived back at Mei City, the interview group had already long since taken attendance. The only one missing was Huo Sanyan.

When Huo Sanyan found Director Yang, he gave her a big scolding. “You! Huo Yan! You are an intern but you always disobey the rules! I told you that you needed to stay in Mei City. Where did you go? You didn’t return last night and all of us had to wait for you. Do you think that is right?”

“I’m sorry, Director Yang! It just so happens that I want to tell you that from today onwards, I will be staying at the military barracks…”

“What do you mean staying…? Stop indulging in a fantasy. It is wartime right now and the situation is tense. Do you think the military barracks is a hotel? You want to live there? What kind of joke is that? They might even shoot you!”

Right now, Director Yang thought she was a newly born calf who wasn’t afraid of tigers and had a stubborn temperament.

“They won’t. I have a friend there.”

“Friend? What friend? Stop speaking nonsense over here!” Director Yang thought she was trying to find excuses to slip away so she could escape her work responsibilities.

And right at this moment, Gu Yong arrived. He knocked on the door and asked, “Huo Yan, are you ready?”

He did as Huo Sanyan requested and continued to treat her as a man and to ca

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