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Chapter 1895: How Could There Be Such A Coincidence?

Huo Sanyan came back again and was shocked when she saw a man sitting up on the bed.

Ye Xun sat there quietly, his head hanging low as if he was thinking about something. His expression looked lifeless and stupefied.

Huo Sanyan didn’t notice his “unusual” appearance. When she saw he was awake, she immediately rushed forward, throwing herself into his embrace.

Ye Xun saw her rush forward while crying sadly and his heart bled and trembled. However, he didn’t show any reaction on the outside.

“Ye Xun!”

After Huo Sanyan finished crying, she got up and held up his face. Feeling emotional, she looked at him carefully over and over again.

“Ye Xun, I am really happy you are awake. Do you know how worried I was…

“You are finally awake. This is wonderful, so wonderful! I initially thought I would have to wait for a long time!

“It is fine now. You are finally back. We can be together again and won’t have to be apart.

“Ye Xun, say something…”

Huo Sanyan really looked forward to him speaking. She looked forward to him saying her name. However, the first words out of Ye Xun’s mouth left her completely stunned.

“Who are you?”


Huo Sanyan widened her eyes to look at him and was filled with disbelief.

Could it be Ye Xun forgot her when he woke up?

That couldn’t be possible!

“Prince Ye! I am Huo Sanyan! I am your Yanyan! I am your Three-Eyes Monster!”

Huo Sanyan tried her best to remind him. She wanted him to remember her. She wanted to see herself from the expression in his eyes.

However, she couldn’t. Ye Xun just kept on staring at her coldly. He glanced at his surroundings and asked again, “Where is this?”

“This is your own house!”

Huo Sanyan was really about to fall apart. She couldn’t believe Ye Xun would forget her!

“Who am I?”

Not only did he not remember her, but did he even forget who he was as well?

“You are Ye Xun! You are the commander-in-chief of the Dragon Kingdom’s military. You are… you are the owner of this house!” Huo Sanyan started to explain tearfully.

Ye Xun appeared to be trying hard to remember something. He examined his surroundings again but he still couldn’t remember anything.

His gaze landed on Huo Sanyan’s body again and he asked, “And who are you?”

Huo Sanyan held back her tears, held his hand and asked, “Prince Ye! Don’t you remember me? I am Huo Sanyan! I am your Yanyan!”

Ye Xun shook his head and pulled his hand back as well.

Huo Sanyan was deeply hurt. She dropped down into the chair and started to cry bitter tears.

She never would’ve imagined Ye Xun would be like this when he woke up. She comforted herself after crying for a while. Perhaps he hadn’t adjusted because he just woke up.

Ye Xun would remember if she gave him some more time!

After waiting for quite a while, she anxiously asked him again, “Have you remembered it? Take a good look, who am

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