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Chapter 1883: The Best Candidate

Ning Luoxiao spit out the tea in her mouth and quickly grabbed some napkins. “Sorry.”

Bai Yanchuan gave some more information. “It’s fine. My cousin Bai Fan’s name doesn’t mean white rice. His last name is Bai, and his mother’s last name is Fan, that’s why he is called Bai Fan.”

“Oh. Nice to meet you, Mr. Bai!”

Huo Sanyan and Ning Luoxiao both greeted Bai Fan.

Not long after, the waiter served their food and they all ate together. Huo Sanyan started chatting with Bai Yanchuan. Ning Luoxiao would peep at him from time to time. However, she also noticed Bai Fan, who was sitting opposite her, kept on staring at her. He didn’t hide the admiration he had in his eyes for her at all.

Moreover, he was so focused on her that it felt a bit unbearable. Ning Luoxiao had no choice but to avoid his passionate gaze and pretend not to know.

Huo Sanyan was currently inquiring about Bai Yanchuan’s life. “What have you been doing lately?”

“Bai Sizi Company will be having a ceremony for its completion. I would like to invite the two of you beauties to come when the time comes, do you guys have the time?” Bai Yanchuan asked.

“Of course!” Huo Sanyan glanced at Ning Luoxiao and felt that this was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.

Ning Luoxiao was very surprised. She didn’t think Bai Yanchuan would invite her.

Huo Sanyan continued to inquire, “Are you planning on moving the headquarters here or what?”

“I won’t move the headquarters. I already bought a house there. In the future, I will come to stay here for a while from time to time.” Bai Yanchuan had it planned out.

“That’s fine. But when you are not here, you can rent out your house. You can even make some money that way. What do you think?”

“You really are clever!” Bai Yanchuan also had the same idea. “I am thinking about renting it out. I want to find a tenant with refined taste, lest they mess up my house.”

He wanted someone with refined taste?

Huo Sanyan brought up Ning Luoxiao immediately and said, “What a coincidence. Why don’t you rent it for cheap to Xiaoxiao! Our Xiaoxiao doesn’t have a house to go back to and is really pitiful. Her house was taken back by her landlord and she is close to wandering the streets. Since you are renting out your house, why don’t you rent it to her?”

“…” Huo Sanyan’s sudden move made Ning Luoxiao not dare to speak. She was staying at her own place and wasn’t being chased out by her landlord… Was it really a good idea to lie like this right now?

“Is that so!?” Bai Yanchuan was considering whether or not he wanted to rent his house to Ning Luoxiao.

Bai Fan wanted a chance to get to know Ning Luoxiao so he encouraged Bai Yanchuan, “Bro, just rent it to Miss Ning! Look at her, she is talented and has self-restraint. Moreover, she is also elegant and refined. She is the best candidate to rent to.”

Bai Yanchuan understood the look in Bai Fan’s eyes and he thought a

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