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Chapter 1897: Was Really Worried About Him

Ye Xun’s back was filled with grievance. The empty sleeve left behind by the amputated left hand was trembling slightly.

Jing Xi felt a deep choking in her heart and she also really wanted to cry. However, she needed to endure the sadness. She walked over and said, “Ye Xun! Are you well?”

She came over beside him and knelt down gently, gazing at his drooping face.

“Go away! All of you go away! Get out!”

Ye Xun didn’t look at her and only just waved his hand to ask her to leave.

Jing Xi’s body leaned back and fell down on the floor. She put her hands on the floor to support herself to get up. After she got up, she said, “Ye Xun! Can you face reality? I know you definitely find it hard to accept your current state! You are upset, but so are we. I hope you don’t abandon yourself to despair. Can you please pull yourself together?”

Ye Xun couldn’t take any of it in at all. His entire body was possessed by a vicious and murderous spirit, sending a warning for all strangers to not come close. “Get out…”

His growl showed obvious helplessness and fragileness.

“What’s the point of you trying to run away from this? Can you be defeated just by losing an arm? Ye Xun! You need to think about how many people are waiting for you! It wasn’t easy for you and Sanyan to come this far. Are you willing to continue to let her be hurt?” Jing Xi roared back at him.

“Stop talking! Get out! Didn’t you hear me?!”

Ye Xun got up from the floor and glanced fiercely at Jing Xi, wanting to force her out of the bedroom.

“Ye Xun! You should calm down!”

“I am not this Ye Xun! I don’t know what you are talking about! I don’t want to hear any sound. Please get out of here!”

Ye Xun roared as he walked over, forcing her to step back.

“I asked you to leave! Why aren’t you listening?!”

Ye Xun was full of hatred. He suddenly stretched out his hands to hold her neck. Jing Xi quickly retreated to the door and her back bumped into the wall.

She wouldn’t have ever imagined Ye Xun would lose control of his emotions like this and do something like this that would hurt her.

Although he was holding her, his fingers didn’t have any strength. After squeezing her for a while, the only thing he felt was a headache.

His heartbeat also started to get faster, his hands trembling intensely.

A cold sweat broke out on his forehead. The color on his face also looked slightly unusual.

After his whole body shook for a while, he collapsed straight down.

“Ye Xun!!!”

Huo Sanyan was downstairs and she heard Jing Xi’s scream. She hurriedly ran upstairs to take a look.

She realized Ye Xun was lying on the floor and Jing Xi was currently pressing down on his chest.

She saw Huo Sanyan come and immediately ordered her, “Sanyan! Quickly call an ambulance! Ye Xun is showing symptoms of going into shock right now!”


Huo Sanyan instantly started to panic. Her hands

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