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Chapter 1902: You Stole My Heart

Ye Xun stood in front of Huo Sanyan, his shirt soaked just like hers.

He stared at her and said, “Do you think you can leave like that?”

“What else do you want?” Huo Sanyan asked, unable to cope with the situation.

It looked like Ye Xun came chasing after her, but she thought that was impossible.

“You stole something from me. I want you to give it back,” Ye Xun said as he extended his hand.

“I didn’t steal anything from you…” Huo Sanyan argued.

“You’re lying! You stole my heart!”

Ye Xun grabbed Huo Sanyan’s hand and pulled her into his embrace.

Even though he only had one arm, he still tried to hug her with all he had.

“I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have treated you like that…”

Huo Sanyan heard Ye Xun’s apologies coming from above her head. She felt like she was dreaming, as she couldn’t believe Ye Xun was hugging her.

But he was apologizing too. She was sure of it.

Ye Xun hugged her tightly, but Huo Sanyan gave no response.

“What’s wrong? Are you not forgiving me?” Ye Xun asked in disappointment as he let her go. “Is it because I only have one arm left?”

Huo Sanyan regained her senses as her tears mixed with the rain on her face.

“You idiot! Of course not!”

Huo Sasnyan hugged Ye Xun’s neck and kissed him.

Ye Xun also grabbed Huo Sanyan’s waist as he enjoyed the kiss.

The two idiots stood in the rain as they found their love for each other once more.

They finally let go of each other minutes later.

They stared at each other before Ye Xun hugged her again.

“I’m sorry for putting you through that… Come back with me,” Ye Xun said.

“Of course!” Huo Sanyan nodded. Even though she was still crying, they were tears of happiness.

“Come on. You’ll catch a cold.”

“Wait! My suitcase!” Huo Sanyans stopped Ye Xun.

“Leave it. I’ll buy another one for you.”

Ye Xun did not let Huo Sanyan go and get her suitcase, and Huo Sanyan did not insist either. There wasn’t anything significant in the suitcase other than a few shirts.

They walked back together with Ye Xun grabbing Huo Sanyan’s shoulder while she hugged his waist. Even though the rain was cold, their hearts were warm.

“I didn’t lose my memory… I was just faking it…” Ye Xun tried to explain.

“It’s not important. I don’t care what happened; all you have to know is that I’ll never leave you. And I was just pretending to leave when I grabbed my suitcase,” Huo Sanyan smiled.

They then looked at each other and laughed.

When they returned to the mansion, Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi were still there.

They’d already showered in Ye Xun’s house and changed into spare clothes they’d brought.

“Welcome back.” Jing Xi smiled warmly.

Huo Sanyan knew that Ye Xun could come back to his senses because of the couple in front of her.

“Jing Xi… Little Bro… Thank you…”

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