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Chapter 1873: He Didn’t Want To Experience It A Second Time

In a daze, Huo Sanyan stared at the smoke coming from the ground and the crater from the explosion. She was so stunned that she forgot to react.

The loud noise from the grenade almost shattered her brain. It was also at that moment that something seemed to have cracked open in her brain.

She saw flames splashing recklessly and thick smoke. It felt like she could remember some events from the past.

She remembered there was a brazen Three-Eyes Monster who would hang around Prince Ye all the time.

She remembered that her entire life at that time revolved around Prince Ye.

She remembered how she brazenly chased after the man of her dreams without shame.

She seemed to remember all of it…

She loved Ye Xun!

She loved him so much that almost every part of her life was used to passionately love him.

When Huo Sanyan remembered her past, she felt both joy and sadness. Tears couldn’t help but come out. With smoke, fire, and tears separating them, she lifted up her head to look at his strong chin.

Ye Xun got up and patted the dirt that was on him. When he turned to look at her, he realized tears were all over her face.

“Yanyan, are you okay?”

Ye Xun felt anxious in his heart. He thought she was frightened by the explosion again.

“Ye Xun!”

Huo Sanyan’s tears were falling but she suddenly smiled. “I remember it now!”

“What? What do you remember?”

Huo Sanyan stretched out her hand to touch his face. “I remember what happened three years ago. I remember all of it. You are my Prince Ye!”

“Really? That is wonderful!”

Ye Xun looked at her and then looked at the big crater behind him. He was unbelievably excited. Perhaps it was the explosion just now that had stimulated her. That’s why she remembered the past.

This was simply too wonderful!

The original Huo Sanyan who loved him had finally returned!

The two kissed each other emotionally, their passionate tears mixing together.

The cameraman, on the other hand, was stunned when he saw this. Huo Yan was a man. It turned out his relationship with Commander Ye Xun was this sort of relationship?

After their emotional kiss ended, Ye Xun helped Huo Sanyan up from the ground and brought her to cross over the border, walking towards the military barracks.

The gunshots and sounds of the explosion alerted the Dragon Kingdom’s military. Right now, military officers had already brought a squad to give immediate support.

The officer stopped to salute Ye Xun when they ran into them and then asked about the situation.

“There are six enemies over there that I have subdued. You guys go and take care of it.”

Ye Xun only told them this and didn’t speak about Huo Sanyan and the cameraman going over the border.

“Yes, sir!” The officer brought the squad over and Ye Xun and the others went back to the military barracks.

After they returned, Ye Xun brought Huo Sa

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