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Chapter 1892: Fall Asleep Together

Huo Sanyan couldn’t hear what Jing Xi had to say later. All she knew was that her heart was dying.

She was heartbroken.

She looked at Ye Xun lying on the bed with one less arm. The sight of that hurt her even more than it could hurt Ye Xun himself.

She had no idea what to do. Moments before that, she was happily thinking of their future. Now, it was as if she’d been thrown into hell.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as quietness filled the room.

She questioned God for the hardship they had to go through.

The jokes God had made on her.

She blamed God for taking her fiance’s health away from him.


Seeing Huo Sanyan crying, Jing Xi could not hold back her tears either.

Jing Xi had hope for Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun’s happy life more than anyone. Yet, the supposed happiness was ruined by the war.

She wondered what would happen after Ye Xyn woke up.

Would he be able to accept the fact that he wouldn’t be whole ever again?

No one could answer that question.

Ye Xun got his treatment in the best hospital. Even though there wasn’t any life-threatening treatment, his brain was damaged, and one of his arms was amputated.

Ye Xun remained unconscious, and everyone was warned that he might stay a vegetable forever.

The news was a tragedy, too much for Huo Sanyan to bear.

She couldn’t accept the fact that Ye Xun might never wake up.

All she could do was pray for him to wake and tell him everything she had kept to herself.

Even though Huo Sanyan was heartbroken, she still stayed in the hospital with him every day.

Jing Xi would join her, too, if she had the time.

“Cheer up.” Jing Xi tried to comfort Huo Sanyan. “He could wake up tomorrow, right? Look at Yunshen, he was in the same state and managed to wake up. I have faith in him because he still has you here.”

“I hope so too. But, I’m also prepared in case he never wakes up again. Even so, I’ll stay by his side forever,” Huo Sanyan said.

Ni Xuelin also heard about her brother’s situation and rushed to the Dragon Kingdom from Estan with Qi Fang.

She was also deeply hurt when she saw Ye Xun lying on the bed, but she also tried to cheer Huo Sanyan up.

Ni Xuelin wasn’t the only one visited. Most of Ye Xun’s friends also came from all over the world.

Jing Zhannan, Jun Yan, and members of JS1 who had gone through everything with Ye Xun all came. They couldn’t help but feel what a tragedy it was for Ye Xun to lose one arm, and prayed for his well-being.

Huo Sanyan steadied her heart after all the crying and sadness.

She knew that she couldn’t fall because Ye Xun still depended on her.

Ye Xun was discharged a few weeks later, and Huo Sanyan brought him home. She had to clean the wound where his arm was amputated and apply herbs to help it heal.

The wound would take a long time to heal, but Huo Sanyan did it patiently every day.

She would talk to him

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