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Chapter 1880: Arrangement

“Yes…” Huo Sanyan nodded as she felt the same way too.

Now that Huo Sanyan thought of it, being able to meet Ye Xun was all because of Jing Xi.

“Jing Xi, I really have to thank you,” Huo Sanyan confessed. “If not for you, I would never have gotten the chance to meet him, and we could never be where we are now. You have been helping us a lot and…really, thank you so much.”

“Come on, aren’t we a family?” Jing Xi smiled. “Plus, all of us are hoping that you can get married soon and lead a happy life. With this, Yunshen can stop worrying about you, and everyone in heaven can rest well too.”

“You’re right.” Huo Sanyan smiled back and turned to the attendant. “Can you help me take this off, I want to save it for the actual date.”

The attendant nodded and asked, “Is there any alterations Miss Huo might want? We can alter the dress to suit any of your needs.”

“No, thank you, it’s perfect.”

The dress was perfect in every aspect, and Huo Sanyan didn’t see anything that needed to be changed.

“Very well. Please, follow me.”

The attendant then took Huo Sanyan back to the changing room and helped take the dress off.

After they came out, the attendant then guided them to another room.

“Mr. Ye did tell us to let Miss take a look at the accessories and the veil he has chosen. Please have a look. Everything here can be changed according to your needs.”


After taking a look at everything that Ye Xun had prepared, Huo Sanyan realized that Ye Xun did make everything.

There wasn’t anything left for Huo Sanyan to do except to see if she needed to change anything.

But everything was perfect, especially the wedding invitation.

It was a letter that could be opened like a door. On the cover was a photo of Ye Xun kissing Huo Sanyan’s cheek, both of them printed on each side of the door.

Even though the accessories weren’t the main characters of the wedding, they were things that elevated it. With everything well prepared, Huo Sanyan couldn’t find any fault in it.

Huo Sanyan then confirmed the number of invitation cards needed for the wedding.

“Then, we’ll contact Miss Huo when the cards are printed,” the attendant informed.

“Thank you.”

After leaving the bridal shop, Jing Xi kept praising how detailed Ye Xun was with the preparation, and it was a delight for Huo Sanyan to hear.

They then had to go to the wedding planner to confirm the date of the wedding dinner.

While on their way there, Jing Xi got a call from Su Wanqin saying that Little Strawberry was sick.

The call made Jing Xi worried, and she quickly apologized to Huo Sanyan.

“I’m sorry, but I think Little Strawberry is sick! Why don’t we find another date to go together?”

“It’s fine. Come on, I’ll drive you back,” Huo Sanyan offered, since she was also worried about her little niece.

When they got back, Little Strawberry was crying in Su Wanqin’s arms.

“Mom, what’s wro

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