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Chapter 1899: Gave The Word To Expel Her

She opened the door and dragged her luggage in front of him. It was only after this that Ye Xun stopped shouting.

Huo Sanyan’s heart was filled with grievances. However, she didn’t dare to say anything. She didn’t even have the courage to shout back at him as she was really afraid it might aggravate him.

While being stared at by his cold gaze, she carried her luggage downstairs.

When she had almost arrived downstairs, Ye Xun stood upstairs and looked at her from up high.

She turned back to look at him and thought in her heart, how good would it be if he suddenly asked her to stay.

But he didn’t!

He finally opened his mouth. His voice sounded distant as if he were the grim reaper giving out judgment.

“You! You are Huo Sanyan, right!? From today onwards, you are not allowed to take even one step into Ye Residence! I don’t care what our previous relationship was. From today onwards, our relations will be cut and we are completely unrelated to each other! Quickly leave!”

Huo Sanyan was deeply affected after she heard this. It felt as though there was a split in her heart. Her body swayed and she felt so sad that she almost fainted.

Ye Xun wanted to completely part ways with her!

Where did the Prince Ye who loved her go?

He already gave the word to expel her so Huo Sanyan had no choice but to painfully leave the Ye Residence for now. A gust of cold wind blew in when the door opened, bringing in some fallen leaves.

The sky outside was gloomy with thunder and lighting above. It looked like heavy rain was about to come.

A ‘thump” sounded out behind her as he slammed the door, dividing her and Ye Xun into two different worlds.

She thought about how much she’d prepared recently so that she could marry him.

She didn’t even have the time to tell him what she looked like when she put on her wedding dress.

She didn’t even have the time to tell him how astonished she was when she saw the ring.

She didn’t even have the time to say, Ye Xun, you are about to become a father!

Right now, everything was destroyed!

Happiness was clearly already within reach but, within the blink of an eye, all of it had turned into nothing.

The man she deeply loved chased her out the door. However, where could she go? She didn’t want to go anywhere. She only wanted to be where he was!

Huo Sanyan didn’t go anywhere. Instead, she leaned on the wall and sat down, helplessly hugging her knees.

The heart of the woman outside was in pain but the pain felt by the man in the house was thousands of times more intense.

Chasing the woman he deeply loved out with his own hands felt as though he used a knife to stab his own heart. So deep and so painful.

He really didn’t want to hurt her!

He did it with good intentions. He hoped to use his own sickness to chase Huo Sanyan away!

How was a person like him who was missing a limb and also mentally ill s

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