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Chapter 1866: The Chance

Huo Sanyan quickly loosened her bite when she heard Ye Xun scream in pain. Ye Xun lowered his head and could see that teeth marks were left on his hand.

Being able to feel the pain meant that Ye Xun wasn’t dreaming.

Huo Sanyan was really there.

“Ye Xun! How dare you! I came all the way here to find you, and now you doubt it’s me?” Huo Sanyan scolded. “Let me go! I’m going home!”

Hearing his woman getting angry at him, Ye Xun smiled. He grabbed Huo Sanyan’s head gently and kissed her.

A hard and unforgettable kiss.

He even bit her lips until they bled, and he could smell the blood.

Ye Xun then took his lips away from Huo Sanyan’s and stared at her.

Huo Sanyan was really stunned by the kiss. She had thought that Ye Xun did not recognize her, but the kiss told her otherwise.

As the anger inside her started to fade, tears filled Huo Sanyan’s eyes.

“When are you going to let me go…” Huo Sanyan sobbed.


Ye Xun looked at Huo Sanyan, who was still tied up. There was no way he was going to let such a great chance go.

He undid the rope on her legs, but not those on her upper body.

He then picked her up and left the tent, where he met Commander Gu and other soldiers waiting outside.

“General, you can leave her to us!” Commander Gu offered, as he thought Huo Sanyan was indeed a spy, seeing how she was still tied up.

“Leave her to me!” Ye Xun stopped Commander Gu. “This woman might be a high-level spy. I’ll have to interrogate her personally.”

Hearing what Ye Xun said, Huo Sanyan stared at him as if she was going to swallow him up.

With Huo Sanyan struggling on his shoulder, Ye Xun brought Huo Sanyan back to the main tent. When the commanders in it saw their General come back with a person on his shoulder, they all looked at him, wondering what was happening.

“He’s a spy. Leave us. I’ll have to interrogate him,” Ye Xun explained.

“Yes, sir!”

The commanders left, leaving Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan alone in the tent.

Huo Sanyan kept on staring at Ye Xun while cursing him quietly.

“You! Take my hat and wig off and see if I’m really a spy or not!” Huo Sanyan scolded as she kicked Ye Xun’s leg.

A broad smile appeared on Ye Xun’s face as he hugged Huo Sanyan tightly.

“You’re a spy. A spy that’s good at stealing other people’s hearts. You’ll have to give mine back.”

It was only then that Ye Xun finally calmed down. He could feel the happiness that he yearned for.

“I get it now. You’re not going to let me go since I’m all tied up, are you?”

Huo Sanyan tried to knee Ye Xun in the stomach, but Ye Xun was faster than her and clamped her knee with his legs.

Huo Sanyan struggled, trying to get away from Ye Xun, but fell backward instead.

But before she could hit the floor, Ye Xun caught her from behind.

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