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Chapter 1894: Changed

Ye Xun heard it. He heard someone calling out to him, and he tried to open his eyes.

His eyes moved as his eyelids flickered.

“Ye Xun…” Huo Sanyan called out as she held Ye Xun’s hand. “Please, open your eyes.”

Ye Xun finally found a streak of light in the darkness he wandered in.

The light started out weak but gradually grew stronger. He ran towards the source without hesitation.

The man ran and ran. He fought through the darkness with his strong will. When he opened his eyes, his world was filled with light again.

Two things slowly appeared before him.

They were faces, not of strangers.

“Ye Xun! You’re finally awake!” Ning Luoxiao shouted excitedly.

“Ye Gongzi…”

The next one who called out to him was the woman he loved the most.

Tears filled Huo Sanyan’s eyes.

Ye Xun had heard the same cry from her when he was still unconscious.

He knew that she was crying for him.

Ye Xun already knew that he had lost his arm. He had woken up for a brief moment before his arm was amputated and learned it from the doctor before passing out again.

He couldn’t feel his left arm anymore. He had become a man that wasn’t whole.

He thought that Huo Sanyan was crying because of him losing an arm.

It broke Ye Xun.

He was expecting a perfect wedding when he returned. But now, there was nothing he could do or promise.

No one could understand the pain and struggle inside Ye Xun. He cursed God for letting him live through the explosion.

Thinking of how saddened Huo Sanyan was, he closed his eyes in pain.

“Ye Gongzi!” Huo Sanyan shouted when she saw Ye Xun closing his eyes. “Wake up! Please… Please don’t keep me waiting anymore.

Yet, no matter how much Huo Sanyan shook Ye Xun, he did not wake up.

“Sanyan, calm down,” Ning Luoxiao comforted. “He still needs some time to wake up fully. Look on the bright side. Him opening his eyes for a moment means that he’s going to wake up soon, right?”

“You’re right.” Huo Sanyan nodded. “He’ll definitely come back to me. He will…”

Since Ning Luoxiao had to return to the studio, Huo Sanyan escorted her out.

As soon as the ladies left, Ye Xun opened his eyes again.

He was in his room but it was redecorated for the wedding. It was a pretty sight to see, but to Ye Xun, it was psychological torture.

He raised his right hand and touched the wound left on his left shoulder.

He then punched the bed, trying to vent his anger.

He sat up and looked around, but everything he saw only brought more pain to him.

God had taken away a whole body from him and it had cost him his happiness.

He was an imperfect man now.

From that moment onwards, something inside Ye Xun had changed.

Just as he got out from total darkness, his heart sank back into the dark again.

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