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Chapter 1887: Don’t Want Him To Look Down On Me

She held Ning Luoxiao’s hand and comforted her. “Xiaoxiao, don’t be anxious! Listen to me. I don’t think it is a bad thing that you have a child right now. It means he is now tied up with you. Once Bai Yanchuan learns of this, he will have to marry you no matter what. You will then be able to marry him properly, right?”

“No! I don’t want it like this!”

Ning Luoxiao shook her head. “Sanyan, I don’t want him to misunderstand me as a scheming woman. I also don’t want him to think that I trapped him by having his child. I want to have a normal relationship as a couple where we can stand as equals and respect each other instead of him looking down on me.”

Huo Sanyan didn’t agree with her opinion. “What you are imagining is good but reality is never so fair. There is always one side who likes the other first and that person has to be the one who puts in the effort first! You having a crush on him already shows you have already put in the effort. The way I see it, you need to use this child to get ahead! I understand Bai Yanchuan very well. If you want to have a normal relationship with him, you will have to wait until your next life!

Huo Sanyan already had a deep understanding of Bai Yanchuan since long ago. If Bai Yanchuan knew about this child, he would definitely find it troublesome and do his best to avoid Ning Luoxiao.

Right now, the only way was to not give Bai Yanchuan a chance to escape and to force him to face reality.

“Will that work? Won’t he hate me?”

“You won’t go wrong if you listen to me! Just let me handle this and you can just wait for the good news from me. Another thing, about the rental, you just follow it as planned. Move into his house first. You can worry about other things after you claim the house.”


As things had already come this far, Ning Luoxiao had no choice but to listen to Huo Sanyan’s instructions.

Huo Sanyan brought Ning Luoxiao home and then went back to the Ye Residence.

She called Jing Xi right after she came home. Jing Xi told her that there would be people coming over to the Ye Residence to do some renovations to prepare for their new house and asked her to pack her valuable possessions first.

Huo Sanyan started packing at night. She planned on packing up all of her valuable things and then placing them in a bank’s safe.

Huo Sanyan heard it might take a few days to renovate the Ye Residence so she decided to go to Estan during this time.

Besides having to help Ning Luoxiao handle Bai Yanchuan, she also wanted to go see her second eldest sister. Ye Xun wrote in the notebook that he had already contacted Huo Erqi and told her about the wedding ring when he asked Huo Erqi to custom make it.

The next day, Huo Sanyan placed the things she packed into the bank’s safe and then went to the airport to catch a flight.

It only took around an hour to fly from the Dragon Kingdom’s capital to Estan’s capital.

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