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Chapter 1840: Questioning Him

To further prove their relationship, Bai Yanchuan rested his arms on Huo Sanyan’s shoulder.

Huo Sanyan kept her smile and even had a few moments of eye contact with Bai Yanchuan. It wasn’t to fool people and trick them into thinking they were actually dating.

Ye Xun couldn’t remain calm after hearing that.

His eyes were wide open as he wondered what was happening.

He kept staring at Bai Yanchuan as if he was questioning him.

Yet, Bai Yanchuan wasn’t intimidated by Ye Xun’s angry stare and just kept on smiling at him.

Even though Bai Yanchuan knew what he did wasn’t the best thing in the world, it was fun to see Ye Xun being irritated.

Huo Sanyan tried her best to be natural about the whole dating thing, but deep down, she was still jealous of Ning Luoxiao.

Yet, she didn’t even flinch when Bai Yanchuan introduced her as his girlfriend and just stared at Ye Xun with disdain.

Ye Xun gripped his fist tightly and said, “Mr. Bai, can I have a private conversation with Ms. Huo?”

Hearing Ye Xun calling her Ms. Huo, Huo Sanyan’s expression darkened. It was his first time addressing her as such.

Ning Luoxiao was already staring at Ye Xun in awe, wondering why he was trying to risk the plan.

“Yanyan is my girlfriend, why do you need a private conversation with her? Is there something that we shouldn’t know?” Bai Yanchuan asked, knowing full well what was going to happen.

Indeed, there was something that not everyone could know. Ye Xun just had to talk to Huo Sanyan to ease his suffocating.

He’d completely forgotten about Jing Xi’s warning and grabbed Huo Sanyan’s hand.

He pulled her out of the venue without her consent.

“Come with me!”

“Hey! Let me go!”

Huo Sanyan was completely surprised by Ye Xun’s action. She’d never expected Ye Xun to drag her away.

The man was too strong for Huo Sanyan to stop him. She could only grab a corner of her dress and follow him out of the hall.

Bai Yanchuan and Ning Luoxiao were left alone as they stared at Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan as they left.

“Mr. Bai, are we being abandoned?” Ning Luoxiao asked with a smile.

“We are,” Bai Yanchuan laughed. “Why don’t we have a drink together?”

“Of course!”

They each then grabbed themselves a glass of champagne and toasted.

Ning Luoxiao was pretending to act normal as she sneaked a few looks at Bai Yanchuan. Her heart was thumping really fast as she was excited that she could talk to her prince charming.

Ye Xun dragged Huo Sanyan out of the hotel and then let her go.

“Ye Xun! What do you think you’re doing?” Huo Sanyan scolded.

“…” Ye Xun stared at Huo Sanyan and asked. “Are you really dating Bai Yanchuan?”

“That’s my privacy! Why do you have to know?” Huo Sanyan snorted as she hugged her arms.

Huo Sanyan did not give Ye Xun a definitive answer. It caused Ye Xun to think that Huo Sanyan really started dating Bai Yanchuan because she was st

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