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Chapter 1849: The Worst It Gets

With every mention of how good or bad Ye Xun was, he flinched.

Ye Xun cursed as he thought of how people kept saying he was terrible in bed. He’d only touched Huo Sanyan for the past few years, there was no way he could go out and have fun.

He also scolded Huo Sanyan in his head for not telling him that sooner.

He could’ve found some materials and studied about it.

The more Ye Xun thought about it, the worse it got. He recalled when he was still in JS, his brothers would offer him some porn to watch, but he rejected all of it.

“Hey!” Bai Yanchuan’s voice pulled Ye Xun back. “Are you afraid of losing?”

“Like I would be scared of a gay person!” Ye Xun scolded.

After accepting the challenge, both of them stepped onto the driving range.

Huo Sanyan even stopped what she was doing to watch the match between them.

Even though it was a friendly match, it still attracted a lot of attention because the two players were excellent.

Ning Luoxiao approached Huo Sanyan and asked, “Who do you want to win? Ye Xun?”

“I bet he’s going to lose,” Huo Sanyan scolded.

“Really? I bet he’s going to win, though,” Ning Luoxiao smiled. “Why don’t we bet 100,000 dollars? If Ye Xun wins, you’ll have to give me 100,000 dollars. But, if he loses, I’ll give you the money.”

As the two women came to an agreement, the two men in the match had no idea they’d become the deciders of a bet.

Bai Yanchuan got a high score in the first round of the match. He had a confident smile on the whole time. As for Ye Xun, he scored a meager score.

“How about forfeiting if you can’t win against me?” Bai Yanchuan challenged.

“Forfeit is not a word in my dictionary!” Ye Xun scolded.

Ye Xun then noticed Huo Sanyan was also watching their match. Since he did not want to lose his pride in front of the woman he loved, he decided to go all out.

Ye Xun managed to catch up with Bai Yanchuan’s score in the middle of the match and won by a great length in the second half.

“Not bad! You’re as good as they say.” Bai Yanchuan smiled as he offered a handshake.

Ye Xun looked at Bai Yanchuan’s hand and turned away. He wasn’t going to shake a gay man’s hand.

“Well, I’m sorry, but my Ye Xun won.” Ning Luoxiao smiled at Huo Sanyan. “I hope the 100,000 won’t hurt you too much.”

“Of course not. Give me your account number, and I’ll transfer it to you.” Huo Sanyan smiled back.

After getting the money from Huo Sanyan, Ning Luoxiao tried to hide her excitement as much as possible.

Since Ning Luoxiao agreed to help Ye Xun without asking for anything in return, she was happy that she could at least get something out of it.

When Ye Xun and Bai Yanchuan returned, Bai Yanchuan noticed both of the women had their phones out and asked what they were doing.

“Oh, we had a small bet on your match,” Ning Luoxiao answered.

“What was the bet?” Ye Xun asked.

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