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Chapter 1856: A Mess

Huo Sanyan was outraged, as she was sure that Ye Xun had poisoned her food.

“Yanyan, please… Let me explain…,” Ye Xun begged. “I did that all for you…”

“Get out of here! Now! I don’t ever want to see you again!” Huo Sanyan scolded as rage shrouded her decision.

She wasn’t going to give Ye Xun any chance to explain himself.

Seeing that Ye Xun wasn’t going to leave, Huo Sanyan grabbed the fruit by the table and threw it at him.

“Go away! As far as you can!”

She threw all of the fruit at him.

Seeing how unstable Huo Sanyan’s emotions were, Ye Xun decided that it was best that he left.

“Okay… I’ll go…”

Ye Xun quickly ran out of the room.

Huo Sanyan puffed up and down after Ye Xun had left, unable to believe how vicious Ye Xun could be.

Even after their breakup, Ye Xun was still trying to control her.

All the thoughts of starting again with Ye Xun instantly disappeared from Huo Sanyan’s head.

Not only could she not forgive him for moving on so fast, but also for trying to interfere with her life too.

She’d had enough of him.

All of Ye Xun’s actions after the breakup were just too much for Huo Sanyan to handle.

The more she thought of it, the more she believed they weren’t meant to be together.

After being chased out of the room, Ye Xun was worried that no one could take care of Huo Sanyan.

The only person that he could think of was Jing Xi. He called her and told her all about what had happened until then.

“Didn’t I tell you not to do that?” Jing Xi scolded on the other side of the phone. “Why did you have to mess everything up? Do you still want to get her back or not?”

“I know I shouldn’t have done that, but what now?”

“What else? I’ll have to go to the hospital to check on her.”

Jing Xi decided that she had to help Ye Xun right away before it was too late.

Jing Xi got to the hospital half an hour later and met up with Ye Xun first.

Ye Xun then told Jing Xi the whole story, including what had happened at the resort.

“Didn’t I warn you to not be so impulsive? Look at how angry she is now,” Jing Xi sighed.

“I know… What should I do now? If this goes on, she’ll never talk to me ever again.”

Jing Xi was Ye Xun’s savior, and she was the only one who could help him now.

“I think you should go under.”

“Go under?”

“Yes. I’ve heard that things at the border haven’t been going great. Why don’t you go there and let her calm down? She’ll definitely think of you after seeing you gone for a few weeks. Then it’s time for plan B.”

Jing Xi thought of one last plan that might help mend the relationship.

“Okay. I’ll do whatever you say.”

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