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Chapter 1834: Going Crazy

Huo Sanyan was not going to give that two-timing bastard a second chance.

“I didn’t know he was going to come too.” Jing Xi shrugged.

“Then I’ll leave now.”

Huo Sanyan got up to leave, but Jing Xi stopped her.

“Why do you need to leave? You two can still be friends, right? Don’t tell me you don’t dare to eat with him.”


“No buts. Sit down and eat. If you leave, he’ll think that you still care about him.”

“Who says I still care about him!?” Huo Sanyan scolded as she sat back down while giving Ye Xun a cold stare.

Jing Xi smiled, then went to greet Ye Xun.

“Hey, I had no idea you were coming too. Come, have a seat.”

“Thanks,” Ye Xun said and looked at Huo Sanyan.

Huo Sanyan quickly averted her gaze before their eyes met.

Ye Xun knew that she must’ve misunderstood him, but it still wasn’t time to explain himself yet. He turned and greeted the kids.

“Come here, you two little ones. Let your Uncle Treeleaf see if you guys have gotten heavier or not!”

Ye Xun outstretched his arms, and the two little boys each hugged an arm. Ye Xun raised them up and turned a full 360° before letting them down.

The two little princes liked Ye Xun a lot, especially when he did that.

Ye Xun then rubbed Ying Bao’s head and smiled. “Looks like you’ve gotten prettier in the last few days too.”

After everyone had taken their seats, Jing Xi ordered the servants to serve their lunch.

Ye Xun sat across from Huo Sanyan, but Huo Sanyan kept her head down the whole time. Ye Xun tried to start a conversation with her but Jing Xi’s cough interrupted him. It was a reminder for him to not spoil the plan.

They finished their lunch without talking to each other in the end.

Huo Sanyan had to go back to the office for a meeting and left right after lunch. Ye Xun had to leave too, so they left together.

They walked past the palace’s garden to get to their cars. Huo Sanyan was walking in front of Ye Xun as Ye Xun kept his distance from her. Huo Sanyan slowed down her pace purposely so that Ye Xun could catch up with her.

She finally got Ye Xun to walk next to her. Just as she thought Ye Xun would greet her, she realized Ye Xun had changed.

Not only did Ye Xun not talk to her, but he even quickened his pace and walked past her.

Huo Sanyan felt stuffed as she looked at the man’s back.

It was just a few days ago that Ye Xun had apologized to her using tomatoes in front of her office, and now, he had become a total stranger that she used to know so well.

It hurt her.

Ye Xun wasn’t doing well either. He could feel his heart crumbling. If not for Jing Xi’s constant reminder, he would’ve kneeled in front of her and asked her to come back.

Both of them got into their own cars.

Ye Xun stayed in his car for a while without starting his engine while Huo Sanyan left the palace’s grounds right away. Ye Xun made sure that Huo Sanyan had before chasing af

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