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Chapter 1861: She Really Was Thorough!

After Huo Sanyan finished speaking, she looked at Jing Xi with begging eyes, hoping she would help speak up for her.

Jing Xi also didn’t know the situation at the border was getting more and more tense to the point where they were at a state of mutual hostility. She initially just wanted Ye Xun to have an excuse to go there for a while before returning.

However, under the current circumstances, it seemed Ye Xun wouldn’t be able to come back for a while.

“Sanyan, you shouldn’t be anxious! Just calmly wait for him! You have to believe Ye Xun will definitely be able to return triumphantly!” Jing Xi comforted her.


The only thing Huo Sanyan could do was to sigh.

As Kaidi and the TV station were cooperating on a project, Huo Sanyan needed to go to the TV station. Coincidentally, she ran into Ning Luoxiao.

Since the previous misunderstandings had already been cleared up, Huo Sanyan apologized for her previous behavior and sincerely invited her out. “Miss Ning, if you don’t mind, let’s have afternoon tea together!”

“Okay!” Ning Luoxiao gladly agreed.

The two women sat in an afternoon cafe. Huo Sanyan said, “I’m really sorry that I misunderstood you and Ye Xun before.”

Ning Luoxiao was very generous. “It’s fine. In any case, Ye Xun and I have been good friends for many years. Logically, I should be calling you sister-in-law. Since there were problems between the two of you, I should of course help.”

“Thank you for your forgiveness.” Huo Sanyan thanked her.

“You don’t have to be so polite. Oh yeah, you and Ye Xun are okay now, right?” Ning Luoxiao asked, being gossipy.

Huo Sanyan shook her head and sighed.

“What’s going on? You guys haven’t cleared up the misunderstanding yet?”

“Yeah, it’s all my fault. I got angry and then scolded him away. And now, he went to the border and hasn’t come back yet. We haven’t seen each other all this while. Sigh.”

Huo Sanyan let out a deep sigh after she finished speaking.

“You can give him a call or message him, right?” Ning Luoxiao suggested.

“I called and messaged him. But you don’t know that once they arrive at the frontlines, they have to change all of their telecommunication devices to not expose their whereabouts. I am not able to contact him.”

“Oh!” After Ning Luoxiao understood the situation, she thought of another way. “Since he can’t come back, you can go find him!”

“Me?” Huo Sanyan found it hard to believe. “If I run to him now, won’t I just be giving him trouble?”

If it weren’t for this, Huo Sanyan definitely would’ve gone to find Ye Xun long ago.

“Hmm…” Ning Luoxiao held her chin and went into deep thought. However, she suddenly had an excellent idea. “Right, I remembered Ye Xun saying that you were a reporter in the past, right?”

“Entertainment reporter. It was already many years ago.”

“It is like this. Our network has a current affairs team who has recentl

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