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Chapter 1844: Doing Something Wrong

Ye Xun pushed Bai Yanchuan back a little and chucked down a half glass of his cocktail.

He then put his glass down and said, “She’s not my girlfriend… We’re just friends. I asked her to help me, to pretend to be my girlfriend so that I could irritate Huo Sanyan.”

Ye Xun then finished his cocktail before continuing.

“You have no idea… I’m the one who got abandoned… the one who got forgotten… Three years…”

Perhaps because of the alcohol, Ye Xun began to tell Bai Yanchuan about the story between him and Huo Sanyan.

It was only then that Bai Yanchuan understood what had really happened between them.

Huo Sanyan was the one who was crazy about Ye Xun at the beginning, while Ye Xun was cold to her.

Then Hawaii happened, and Huo Sanyan lost her memories. It was then that Ye Xun began to realize that he’d fallen for her.

Then their roles switched. Ye Xun had been trying to win Huo Sanyan over ever since the incident. But throughout the three years, Huo Sanyan never fell for him.

Huo Sanyan had lost the love she’d had for him.

Bai Yanchuan comforted Ye Xun by patting his shoulder and stayed with him for a few more drinks.

They drank until they were both drunk and walked back to their rooms.

“Where’s the door?” Ye Xun was trying to open the door, but he felt like the door in front of him was climbing up the wall.

Bai Yanchuan fell down and sat by the door.

“You’re a good drinker… Let’s… Let’s have a match next time…,” Bai Yanchuan said.

He then closed his eyes and fell asleep. The president of Baisi Group was just sitting there, sleeping on the floor.

Ye Xun finally opened the door and went into his room.

He located the bed and fell straight onto it.

Bai Yanchuan was left outside in the corridor. Ning Luoxiao was in her room and could hear someone talking outside moments before. She thought Ye Xun was back and opened the door for him. She jumped in surprise as a man fell into her room after she pulled the door open.

She then took a peek at who the person was, and she could feel her heart beating really fast when she saw his face.

It was her prince charming.

Ning Luoxiao quickly peeked outside the corridor like she was about to do something wrong and made sure no one was there.

She then decided to pull Bai Yanchuan into her room.

She closed the door and looked at Bai Yanchuan, who was now sleeping on the floor in her room.

She began to panic, as she had no idea what to do next.

She knew that she couldn’t let him sleep on the floor, so she carried him to the bed.

Ning Luoxiao then helped take Bai Yanchuan’s shoes off and stared at him.

The more she looked, the more handsome he seemed to her.

Ning Luoxiao’s story with Bai Yanchuan went to way back when they were little.

When she did the interview with Bai Yanchuan, he had no idea that they used to live in the same welfare center before.

They were like

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