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Chapter 1863: The Particularities Of This Industry

Director Yang showed an unmistakable smile. “So what you mean is, just because you want to show your value, other people don’t need to show theirs? Do you know what your position is right now? What is your identity?”

“Hou Yan, I am… an intern reporter,” Huo Sanyan replied.

“Since you are an intern, you need to listen to your leader’s instructions. You will go do interviews wherever I send you to go. Don’t complain, as it is no use. Look at the group; all of them have more experience than you. As a newcomer, is it appropriate for you to fight for news opportunities with your seniors?”

Director Yang had many complaints about this “newcomer.” Not only was she not sensible, but she also was not considerate either.

She was just a new intern reporter so why was she trying to steal the limelight?

Huo Sanyan couldn’t respond. She was an entertainment reporter in the past so she knew the particularities of this industry very clearly.

Seniority in the occupation was based on experience. The juniors needed to respect the seniors.

Moreover, before she came here, Ning Luoxiao especially instructed her not to get on Director Yang’s bad side. He did not care about a person’s connections at all. If he found out Huo Sanyan was a fake journalist who came in through the backdoor, she would definitely have it bad.

That’s why Huo Sanyan could only endure it for now. “Okay. I was impolite. Sorry, Director Yang.”

Director Yang didn’t say anything. Instead, he asked the group members to take the passes that were issued by the government and for each of them to perform their duties.

Huo Sanyan went to do interviews at Mei City. This was an important city on the border. The average citizen was able to feel the direct impact of war in their daily lives.

As Huo Sanyan wanted to see Ye Xun soon, she had no choice but to work earnestly.

It was only after she finished her “job” that she would have time to look for him.

After three days of being in Mei City, Huo Sanyan and her partner had already gone to a lot of places. They were doing interviews every day and she didn’t have time to look for Ye Xun.

She couldn’t let it go on like this. After Huo Sanyan finished with her tasks tonight, she went back to the hotel with her partner and waited until everyone was resting before quietly leaving the hotel.

Since Director Yang didn’t allow her to leave Mei City, it would be okay if she snuck out, right?

Huo Sanyan already figured out the situation in Mei City and had also figured out the location of the army base. She rushed over that very night.

She finally saw the barracks’ lights. Huo Sanyan felt an indescribable excitement and really wanted to open her wings and fly in.

She basically ran the last thousand meters.

She ran until she arrived at the edge of the barracks. The place was fenced up and she went along the fence to search for the entrance.

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