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Chapter 1851: A Big Pervert

“You can let go now!” Huo Sanyan said with full confidence.

“Are you sure?” Ye Xun asked suspiciously.

“There’s nothing hard about riding horses!” Huo Sanyan said proudly.

“You’re not wrong. As long as you think of how you always ride me, then it’ll be easy.”

Ye Xun blurted this out without thinking, and his words stunned Huo Sanyan.

She never expected that Ye Xun would make a metaphor like that.

That moment, Huo Sanyan could only look at Ye Xun like he was a big pervert.

“Whatever! Just let go!” Huo Sanyan scolded, deciding not to talk to Ye Xun anymore.

She then kicked the horse and rode off.

Ye Xun quickly grabbed a horse for himself and chased after her, as he was worried.

It was true that Huo Sanyan knew the basics of riding a horse, but what she didn’t know was how to control the speed.

Probably because she’d kicked the horse too hard, the horse was increasing its speed.

It was so fast that Huo Sanyan couldn’t control her balance.

She kept feeling that she was going to fall, and she started to scream.

Ye Xun caught up with Huo Sanyan. When he saw that Huo Sanyan was on the verge of falling, he could feel his heart almost stop.

“Huo Sanyan! Don’t let go! Bend down and hug the horse!” Ye Xun instructed.

It was clear that the horse Huo Sanyan was riding on was scared as it kept increasing its speed.

Huo Sanyan could clearly hear Ye Xun’s instruction, but she couldn’t control herself to bend down.

Just as she was about to fall, a hand grabbed her shirt from behind and pulled her back.

She then bumped her back into a broad chest. She could tell that she had almost fainted just now.

Luckily for her, Ye Xun jumped onto her horse’s back in the last second and managed to pull her back.

If not for him, she could’ve died just now.

Ye Xun hugged Huo Sanyan tightly as he slowed the horse down.

The horse finally stopped. But owing to the close accident just now, Huo Sanyan was pale as a ghost.

“Are you alright?” Ye Xun asked next to her ear.

Huo Sanyan turned to look at him. She couldn’t respond as her mind was blank.

Ye Xun let go of the lead rope and hugged her.

“Don’t worry. I’m here. You’ll be all right…,” Ye Xun comforted.

Huo Sanyan finally came back to her senses, and tears started to roll down as she cried.

“Hey, it’s all right now…” Ye Xun knew that she was scared.

All he could do was keep on comforting her.

“I want to get down… I’m not riding on a horse ever again…,” Huo Sanyan sobbed.

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