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Chapter 1831: Was Simply Too Smart!

Huo Sanyan parked the car in front of the villa and got out. She removed her sunglasses and then took big steps into the villa.

She saw a woman’s high-heels immediately after she entered. It wasn’t left here by her so it definitely belonged to Ning Luoxiao!

Huo Sanyan walked in with a dark expression on her face. She scanned the huge living room and didn’t see anyone.

However, she heard a woman’s laughter coming from inside. She followed the sound and finally found two people in the kitchen.

Ye Xun wore an apron and was cooking. Ning Luoxiao was chatting with him at the side. The chemistry between them made people feel as though they were a passionate couple who had known each other for a long time.

Hah. He brought another woman back here right after she left.

It seemed that he might’ve become close with Ning Luoxiao in the past under her nose.

Whenever Huo Sanyan thought about how Ye Xun was also with another woman while he was still with her, her heart would start to bleed.

An aching feeling flooded her heart and it made her want to cry.

However, she could not cry right now!

If she cried, it would only make them feel more pleased!

That’s why Huo Sanyan endured the pain and adjusted her emotions. She intentionally coughed twice to let them know she was there.

The man and the woman in the kitchen turned their heads when they heard coughing and saw Huo Sanyan.

Ning Luoxiao showed a surprised smile. “Oh! Isn’t it President Huo? What brings you here?”

Huo Sanyan ignored Ning Luoxiao and kept on staring at Ye Xun. Ye Xun stopped what he was doing with his hand and asked in shock, “Why are you here?”

Very good! He was the one who spoke first. If she spoke to him, she would be a bitch!

Huo Sanyan felt at ease and said, “I came… to get my things!”

This was a very good excuse!

Her things fell when they were breaking up and she didn’t even take some of them. Coming to get her things right now was a good and logical excuse. There was no way he would be able to say anything about it!

“Your things are upstairs in your original room,” Ye Xun reminded her and then asked, “Do you need me to help you bring them down?”

“No need. I will get them myself. You guys do as you please.”

Huo Sanyan cast a glance at the two of them and then turned around to go upstairs.

After she left, Ning Luoxiao looked at Ye Xun and asked, “It isn’t good to provoke her like this, right? Why don’t you just lay down your cards on the table.”

“I can’t show my cards right now. If I do that now she will definitely hate me to death. Xiaoxiao, you promised to help me, right?”

Ye Xun remembered Jing Xi’s instructions well. He could not tell the truth no matter what.

“Yes! I do truly want to help you, but if you guys really can’t get back together in the end, why don’t you consider me!?” Ning Luoxiao said jokingly.

The two of them were actually in a m

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