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Chapter 1836: Disappointed

If Lili had not reminded Huo Sanyan, she would’ve completely forgotten that she was in a meeting.

“President Huo, what do you think of our plan?” the head of the sales department asked. “Please give us your insights on it.”

“I think it’s a great plan,” Huo Sanyan quickly said. “Go with it.”

“Thank you!”

Huo Sanyan went back to her office after the meeting and crashed on her couch.

She tried to rest for a while, but as soon as she closed her eyes, all she could think about was Ye Xun and their time together.

The more she tried to erase those memories, the clearer they became.

It was then that Huo Sanyan realized that forgetting someone was harder than falling in love with someone.

Huo Sanyan stayed on the couch until Lili knocked on the door half an hour later.

“I’m sorry for disturbing you, but there’s a present for you,” Lili said.

It immediately woke Huo Sanyan up. The first person she thought of was Ye Xun.

It made sense to her that it had to be Ye Xun.

“Leave it there.”

Lili left the present on her table and left.

Huo Sanyan stopped in front of her table as her heart beat wildly.

She took a deep breath and opened the present.

It was a box of well-arranged flowers and a small teddy bear with a card in its paws.

Huo Sanyan took the card and read it only to find disappointment in the sender.

The present wasn’t from Ye Xun but Bai Yanchuan.

Ban Yanchuan was going to attend a party in a mountain villa and asked Huo Sanyan if she could be his date.

The first thing that came to Huo Sanyan’s mind was declining it. She wasn’t in the mood for any parties.

Before she could even put the card down, she got a call from Bai Yanchuan.

“Can you make it?” Bai Yanchuan asked.

“I’m sorry, but I’m kinda busy today.” Huo Sanyan quickly made an excuse.

“I heard that you broke up with Mr. Ye recently. Why don’t you come out for a change of scenery? Oh, I think I saw Mr. Ye on the RSVP too. He’s bringing a girl with him.”

The last sentence caught Huo Sanyan’s weakness right away.

Ye Xun was her weakness.

The moment she heard that Ye Xun was attending the party with another girl, Huo Sanyan couldn’t remain calm any longer.

She had guessed that the plus one Ye Xun was bringing was Ning Luoxiao. Thinking about them having fun at the party together irritated her.

“All right, I’ll go!” Huo Sanyan said.

After making her decision, Huo Sanyan went to a full-body spa so that she could appear in front of Ye Xun with her best self.

Yet coincidentally, Ning Luoxiao was also at the spa resort Huo Sanyan visited.

“Ms. Huo?” Ning Luoxiao greeted with a huge smile. “Are you a member here too?”

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