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Chapter 1846: Miss Him

Huo Sanyan fell onto Ye Xun’s body, and Ye Xun hugged her softly.

With the alcohol influencing him, Ye Xun started to kiss Huo Sanyan as he undressed her.

Huo Sanyan was completely sober. Even though she was still being forced, she had changed.

She did not feel disgusted, Ye Xun’s aggressiveness even excited her.

After being away from Ye Xun for quite some time, Huo Sanyan began to miss him too.

In the end, they had no idea which one was moving anymore.

All Huo Sanyan knew was that Ye Xun managed to send her to heaven the whole night. She was able to feel the happiness of being a woman.

They made out the whole night and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Huo Sanyan was the first to wake up the next day. Realizing that she was lying in Ye Xun’s arms, she felt a little frustrated.

She’d had sex with him even though the complications in their relationship weren’t solved yet.

What was more was that Huo Sanyan still thought Ye Xun was dating Ning Luoxiao.

Huo Sanyan crept out of bed, cleaned herself up, and left the room quietly.

She went to the public toilet to put her makeup on.

Just as she was putting her makeup on, another woman came in. Huo Sanyan looked at the woman in the mirror and realized it was Ning Luoxiao.

Ning Luoxiao was holding her makeup bag, planning to do her makeup in the bathroom too.

“Ms. Huo? Good morning!”

The moment Huo Sanyan saw Ning Luoxiao, she felt like she’d just had an affair.

“Good… Good morning. Are you doing your makeup too?”

“Yup. Oh, do you have eyeliner? I forgot to bring mine.”

“Here, use mine.” Huo Sanyan smiled.

The two women quickly finished their makeup and went to the restaurant for their breakfast.

Bai Yanchuan woke up in the room and hugged his head, as it hurt.

He checked his surroundings, and his eyes shot wide open.

He realized he wasn’t in his room.

He quickly pulled the sheet off, and he couldn’t believe what he saw.

There was blood on the covers.

Thinking that he’d just taken away someone’s virginity while he was drunk, he almost went mad.

Bai Yanchuan had vowed to stay single forever and not mingle with any woman.

He quickly climbed out of bed and put his clothes on before dashing out the door.

He ran all the way to the elevator and realized he was on the right floor.

He then circled back and found his room. He reached for his pocket and realized his key card was gone.

Luckily for him, one of the cleaners passed by. Bai Yanchuan quickly showed the cleaner who he was and asked the cleaner to help open the door to his room.

Bai Yanchuan quickly went in and closed the door shut.

It was then that he realized Huo Sanyan wasn’t in the room. Instead, a man was lying on the king-size bed.

After making sure of who the man was, Bai Yanchuan let out a long sigh.

He then sat down by the bed and shook his head.

Bai Yanchuan’s movement woke Ye

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