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Chapter 1865: She Was So Mad That She Wanted To Curse

“Who is she?”

Commander Gu cut to the chase. “She said she is your lover, her last name is Huo.”

Huo? His lover?

Could it be Huo Sanyan?

When Ye Xun heard this, he was completely shaken up. “Where is she? Take me to see her!”

Before leaving, he waved towards the stunned officers and said, “You guys study it for now. I will be back later.”

Company Commander Gu led Ye Xun to the camp where Huo Sanyan was kept just now. He saw a man tied to a chair.

He saw that the outfit was that of a man’s, but when he saw her countenance, Ye Xun was able to immediately recognize her.

It really was Huo Sanyan!

He never would’ve thought she would pretend to be a man and come look for him at the border. Didn’t she know how dangerous it was to come here?

At this moment, Hou Sanyan’s wait for Ye Xun finally ended. She saw him wearing his outfit, standing impressively at the camp’s entrance. She felt like her heart had skipped a beat and she was so excited that her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

Ye Xun!

I finally found you, boohoo…

Huo Sanyan was so touched that she couldn’t say anything. She could only just stare at the man at the entrance while wet in the eyes.

Ye Xun was also similarly excited, so excited that he forgot to react. Right now, it was as Jing Xi had predicted. After giving him the cold shoulder for a while, Huo Sanyan finally forgave him.

However, her coming personally to the battlefield to look for him really surprised him!

Seeing his most beloved being tied up like a dumpling made Ye Xun annoyed at these people for not knowing how to act. They clearly knew she was a girl but they still tied her up so tightly.

Company Commander Gu didn’t understand the situation and said to Ye Xun, “Commander, do you know her?”

Huo Sanyan stared at him with wide eyes and waited for him to say her name. If he did so, they definitely wouldn’t shoot her.

However, he didn’t say anything. He only just examined her with a majestic gaze. He said without moving, “All of you get out! I want to interrogate the spy personally!”

Shit! What does he mean by that?

Could it be that he didn’t recognize her? He even wanted to interrogate her personally?

Company Commander Gu followed the order and brought the soldiers out. Ye Xun walked in.

If Huo Sanyan’s hands and legs weren’t tied right now, she would definitely take off her hat and let him have a good look.

She really was Huo Sanyan!

The one and only Three-Eyed Monster!

Ye Xun came in front of her and walked two steps towards her with his hands clasped behind his back. He intentionally asked, “Who are you? Why did you come to our barracks? Why are you pretending to be my girlfriend?”

When Huo Sanyan initially saw him, she was so touched that her eyes were wet and she was about to cry. But now that she saw he was so stubborn and couldn’t actually recognize he

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