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Chapter 1855: You’re Evil

“I… I could feel that you were sick, so I went to see you.”

Ye Xun made up an excuse as his heart skipped a beat.

“Then why do you have my keys?” Huo Sanyan asked.

After recovering, Huo Sanyan’s mind became clearer, and questions began to pop into her head.

“I… Isn’t it normal for me to have your keys?” Ye Xun asked back.

“You better tell me the truth! If I sense even one lie from you, then you’ll never see me again!” Huo Sanyan scolded as she could instantly tell that Ye Xun was lying.

“Fine, fine… Jing Xi gave me the keys,” Ye Xun said as he apologized to Jing Xi in his head.

“Jing Xi gave you…?” Huo Sanyan’s eyes widened. “Then, all the cleaning…that was you?”

“Yes.” Ye Xun nodded slowly.

“And the food?”

“Me too…”

“Wow! Just wow! I knew you were planning something!” Huo Sanyan scolded. “You purposely poisoned my food, didn’t you? So that you could take revenge on me for leaving you! You’re just plain evil!”

The only thing Huo Sanyan could think of that could have made her suffer so much was the food she ate the night before.

It was easy to see why she got angry if that was what she thought.

“Why would I do that? I made food for you so that you wouldn’t starve…”

Ye Xun tried to explain.

“Don’t try and deny that! This was your plan all along, wasn’t it? You poisoned my food so that you could show up just in time like a hero! Or else how do you explain the timing?”

Huo Sanyan analyzed the situation.

“I didn’t… I saw that you were sick and rushed to your house…”

It was then Ye Xun realized Jing Xi was right. Showing that he still had feelings for Huo Sanyan was the wrong move. It could spark a lot of questions that couldn’t be explained.

And now, Huo Sanyan was determined to get all her answers.

“Then, how did you know I was sick? Huh?” Huo Sanyan folded her arms and asked. “Don’t tell me you can see a dozen miles away!”

Ye Xun could feel him slapping himself when he heard the question.

It was a question that he had no excuses for.

“Well? How do you explain that?” Huo Sanyan scolded.

Ye Xun took a deep breath and answered, “I’m sorry… I… There’s a camera in your room… so…”

That was how he found out.

Or else Huo Sanyan could’ve died.

“Ye Xun!” Huo Sanyan roared. She never expected Ye Xun to fall this far. Not only did he have her keys and entered her house uninvited, but he even set up cameras in her home.

She couldn’t believe what he did. He was trying to control her even after their breakup.

“You’re just a big pervert! How dare you put cameras in my home! Get out of here!”

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