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Chapter 1833: It Was Completely Unnecessary!

Jing Xi was also soft-hearted. Right now, she couldn’t help but listen to Huo Sanyan’s advice and breastfeed Little Strawberry again.

The little fella finally stopped crying when she got her mother’s milk. She ate very eagerly, quickly filled her tummy and then closed her eyes, sleeping like a good girl.

Jing Xi patted the child’s back and waited for a while before putting her into the crib.

She took another look and saw that the tears on Little Strawberry’s face hadn’t dried yet!

Huo Sanyan looked at the beautiful and tender look on the child’s face and her heart also started to soften. She couldn’t help but think that children were actually also quite cute!

If she also gave birth to one herself, what would they look like?

Sigh… perhaps she should’ve had a child with Ye Xun early on. At least, right now, he wouldn’t have gone so easily to find another woman.

Forget it. He had already found someone else. Who would want to have a child with him!

While still feeling conflicting feelings, Huo Sanyan followed Jing Xi outside to look at the other children.

The children were all in the garden. After they received Huo Sanyan’s gifts, they all happily tried them on.

The things Huo Sanyan bought for the children were props and costumes for a costume party. Right now, each of the children had already received the costumes and props they liked.

Little Grape turned into Spiderman. Little Apple dressed up as a pirate captain. Little Cherry, on the other hand, turned into a pointy-eared forest elf.

The three children played a game of treasure hunt in the palace’s garden.

While they were playing happily, they saw mom and auntie come. The children all greeted them cheerfully.



Jing Xi asked, “What are you guys playing?”

Little Grape said, “Mom, we are playing treasure hunt but we still lack a queen right now. Come and be our queen, okay?”

“Okay!” The most important thing in Jing Xi’s life right now was accompanying her children. Whenever the children invited her to play, she would take time out of her schedule to play with them.

Little Apple counted the people and then said again, “But we are still lacking a witch.”

Ying Bao looked at Sanyan and had an idea. “We can invite Auntie Sanyan to be the witch. Auntie Sanyan is very similar to a witch.”

Huo Sanyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. How was she similar to a witch? She was clearly a beautiful queen, okay?

Not only did Huo Sanyan not reject it when she was pulled into the children’s game, but she instead momentarily let go of the things bothering her and played with the children.

On the other side, Huo Yunshen finished meeting with congress and returned to Triumph Palace. Ye Xun also followed him back.

The Dragon Kingdom had not been peaceful lately. Huo Yunshen needed time to further discuss it with Ye Xun.

They went straight to the king

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