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Chapter 1853: Misses His Food

Huo Sanyan opened her door and turned on her lights only to find her messy house was once again clean. Food was even already prepared for her on the table.

There were a couple of white roses on the table too. She sat down and tried some of the food and realized it was still warm.

The food tasted like what Ye Xun always made for her, but she quickly shook the thought away.

Huo Sanyan knew that when she left the resort, Ye Xun was still there. She guessed that the foods were actually prepared by Jing Xi.

As for how the food tasted like Ye Xun’s food, it must’ve been because she missed his meals too much.

Since she was too hungry at that moment, she quickly gobbled down the food in front of her.

As Huo Sanyan was enjoying her food, she had no idea that hidden cameras were set up inside her house.

And one of the cameras was pointing at her.

Ye Xun was lying on his bed inside Ye Manor with his laptop on his thighs.

He was staring at Huo Sanyan, enjoying the food he made through the screen.

Seeing that was enough to satisfy him.

He realized that no matter what, watching Huo Sanyan eat was more enjoyable than making out with her.

She looked like a cute little hamster munching down on its food whenever she ate.

Ye Xun was happy that he was able to cook for her, but at the same time, he was also depressed that he wasn’t able to win her over with just his cooking skills.

Ye Xun continued to watch each and every move the woman made.

Even though he knew that what he was doing was wrong, he wanted to feel like she was still next to him.

After finishing her dinner, Huo Sanyan removed her makeup and took a shower. Since it had been a tiring day for her, she went to bed right after the shower.

But as soon as she lay down, she could feel something was wrong with her. She felt stuffed up and that it was hard to breath,

She even had the urge to puke, and her stomach began to hurt a few minutes later.

Ye Xun could see from the screen that Huo Sanyan struggled out from bed and ran to the toilet with her hands over her stomach.

Feeling that something might be wrong, he realized that she kept coming back and forth to the toilet a few times. And in the end, she had to crawl her way back to her bed.

He was thinking that Huo Sanyan must’ve gotten the stomach flu due to her not reheating the food.

Ye Xun quickly changed his clothes and sped towards Huo Sanyan’s house.

Ye Xun opened the door to Huo Sanyan’s house and ran into it.

When he found Huo Sanyan in her room, she had just gotten out of the bathroom and was supporting herself on the wall.

“Yanyan!” Ye Xun shouted, running to help her.

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