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Chapter 1841: Really Provoked Him

Once Huo Sanyan heard he was here to interfere with her freedom again, she really couldn’t speak amiably with him anymore. “I say, Mr. Ye, aren’t you trying to control too much? Or is it that your old bad habit has a delayed reaction? We already broke up, so who are you to control who I am with? What right do you have to ask about my affairs? Who made you boss?”

Ye Xun: “…”

She stifled him up to the point where he was speechless and almost vomited blood.

After pausing for a long while, he tried his best to control his emotions and said, “As… your ex, I am just giving you a word of advice. If you are just randomly going out with any guy because you are mad at me, then, Huo Sanyan, I really pity you.”

It could be said Huo Sanyan and Bai Yanchuan being together really provoked Ye Xun. At least Ye Xun now believed it to be true.

The thing he was worried the most about was that Huo Sanyan might just get together with any other guy, even to the point of…sleeping with them.

Whenever he pictured his woman in such a scene with a man, his heart would start to go crazy.

If it weren’t for him listening to Jing Xi’s plan, he might have told her the truth a long time ago.

Right after Ye Xun said those words, Huo Sanyan stayed silent for a while before finally letting out a cold laugh. “Ye Xun! Anyone can criticize me but you! Because you don’t have the right! Just control your own self! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! Do you not understand this principle?! Ye Xun, I have nothing left to say to you right now. Take care of yourself!”

Huo Sanyan finished speaking, lifted up her skirt, turned around, and walked back to the party.

Ye Xun stood where he was by himself as he looked at the woman he loved moving further and further away from him. He felt as though a kind of invisible force was gripping his throat.

He wanted to take her away, wanted to tell her everything was fake. The person he loved was her and that had never changed.

However, he didn’t have the ability and didn’t have the strength. The time wasn’t right yet. If he ruined the plan on his own, it would only cause Huo Sanyan and his relationship to drift further and further apart.

That’s why… the only thing he could do was to endure.

In the end, Ye Xun punched the wall with his fist. This was the only way for him to vent his frustration.

Not having Huo Sanyan really made him feel like he was about to go crazy!

Huo Sanyan went back to the party and went back beside Bai Yanchuan again. Ning Luoxiao saw she came back by herself and asked, “Where’s Ye Xun? Didn’t he come back with you? President Huo?”

“I don’t know.” Huo Sanyan didn’t want to mention that name.

Before, she kept holding on to the hope that Ye Xun would come back to look for her and reconcile with her. But now it seemed she was wrong!

That man already found a new girlfriend but he still liked to interfere with

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