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Chapter 1862: Efficient

Huo Sanyan paid the bill and left with Ning Luoxiao.

She wasn’t as depressed anymore and was now hoping that Ning Luoxiao could bring her some good news.

Ning Luoxiao was an efficient person, and she sent Huo Sanyan a message that night, saying that she’d already secured a spot.

The only problem was that it had to be a male reporter. Without giving it a second thought, Huo Sanyan agreed to it.

Since she had to leave in the evening the next day, Huo Sanyan began to prepare.

She went to the company the next morning and passed all her jobs onto the vice-president for the time being.

No one knew Huo Sanyan was going to the border. She’d asked her assistant to help her book a vacation to Phuket to cover it up.

Huo Sanyan then changed into some men’s clothing and wore a wig with a baseball cap.

From that time onwards, she became a male internship reporter named Huo Yan.

She followed the crew all the way to the border.

The trip from Mo City to the border took more than 24 hours. After a day of driving, they finally arrived at a small town by the border called Mei City.

The army was stationed a dozen kilometers away from Mei City. Huo Sanyan became really excited when she arrived at Mei City, as she thought she could meet with Ye Xun right away, but she was wrong.

She learned from the people there that the army had already fought with the invading troops once.

The news made Huo Sanyan worried, as she has no idea if Ye Xun was safe or not.

The crew took shelter in one of the hotels in Mei City. The supervisor of the crew, Mr. Yang, had to go to the site where the army was stationed first so that they could get a pass to enter the border.

Hearing that Mr. Yang was going to the army base, Huo Sanyan went to look for him.

“Mr. Yang, can I go with you?”

“No, I’m just going there to get our passes.”

Mr. Yang had no idea who Huo Sanyan really was and thought that she, or he, was just an intern.

“Please, take me with you! I need to find someone there,” Huo Sanyan begged.

“No! We’re at the border now, and there’s danger everywhere. All of you have to listen to my orders, understood?”

Seeing how determined Mr. Yang was, Huo Sanyan could only return to her room. But now that she thought about it, she was already at Mei City and meeting Ye Xun was just a matter of days away.

When night fell, Huo Sanyan stood at the top of the hotel and could see the lights of the army base.

The news of the fight that had happened made Huo Sanyan even more worried about Ye Xun’s safety.

She was tired of waiting.

All she could do was hope for the best.

Mr. Yang returned the next morning with the passes. The crew could finally approach the border for interviews.

Everything was going great with one small problem. Huo Sanyan was stationed in Mei City to interview the people there with a cameraman.

“Mr. Yang, can I go to the border too?” Huo Sanyan

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