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Chapter 1850: Restless

“We bet on whether you’d win or lose,” Ning Luoxiao explained. “If you won, Ms. Huo would have to give me 100,000 dollars.”


Ye Xun took a quick glance at Huo Sanyan and wondered if he should’ve lost the match on purpose instead.

After golfing, the next event was horseback riding.

Since Huo Sanyan already knew that Ning Luoxiao was good at a lot of sports, when she saw Ning Luoxiao jump onto the horse elegantly, she wasn’t surprised at all. Instead, she thought that Ning Luoxiao was an attractive woman.

And most men were always attracted to woman like Ning Luoxiao.

She then thought about herself. She was a woman who only liked food and nothing else. Compared to Ning Luoxiao, she was nothing.

The depressing thought made Huo Sanyan not want to ride on horses so that she wouldn’t embarrass herself even more.

That was why Huo Sanyan only walked alongside her horse.

Ning Luoxiao was on her horse, and she realized Huo Sanyan was afraid to jump onto hers.

Since Ye Xun went to the bathroom too, and Bai Yanchuan was the only other person on a horse, she steadied herself and asked, “How about a match, Mr. Bai?”

“Why not?” Bai Yanchuan accepted the challenge and turned to Huo Sanyan. “What are you going to do? Do you need me to call the coach for you?”

“I’m fine. Go have fun.” Huo Sanyan shook her head.


Bai Yanchuan urged his horse to steer and went into the field with Ning Luoxiao.

As the horses galloped away, Huo Sanyan thought that she should at least try and learn how to ride a horse.

After making her decision, Huo Sanyan asked her coach to start teaching her.

Ye Xun came back from the bathroom and realized everyone was gone. Only Huo Sanyan was still at the stable.

A male coach was with Huo Sanyan as he taught her how to ride.

Ye Xun was irritated when he saw the coach put his hands on Huo Sanyan’s waist. If it were in the past, he would’ve just charged in and kicked the coach down.

But he couldn’t afford to do that now.

He approached them and told the coach, “I’ll teach the lady.”

The coach instantly recognized who Ye Xun was. Just as the coach was about to jump down from the horse, Huo Sanyan, who lost her balance since the coach took his hands away, shrieked.

Ye Xun caught her just in time so that she wouldn’t fall from the horse.

The moment Ye Xun’s hands touched her waist, Huo Sanyan felt as if a jolt of electricity ran through her body.

It was something that she never felt when the male coach touched her waist.

Ye Xun did not jump onto the horse and started to instruct Huo Sanyan.

“Hey! Loosen up! It’s too tight,” Ye Xun suddenly said.

Huo Sanyan quickly turned around as what Ye Xun had said was way too familiar to her.

Ye Xun would always say the same thing whenever they were in bed. Thinking about that, Huo Sanyan’s face instantly turned red.

Realizing that he’d said something wrong, Ye

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