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Chapter 1845: Sneak A Kiss

Ning Luoxiao waited until Bai Yanchuan was single again. She asked Ye Xun to help introduce her to him.

She wasn’t going to let the rare chance to spend a night with him slip away.

She quickly grabbed her phone and started to take selfies with Bai Yanchuan.

She jumped in excitement when she looked at the intimate photos she took.

Ning Luoxiao then put her phone down and looked at the sleeping man. She could smell his faint cologne as she moved closer towards him.

She stared at his eyebrows, then his nose to his sexy lips.

Wondering what his lips tasted like, Ning Luoxiao lowered her head, wanting to sneak a kiss.

But the moment their lips touched, it was as if something was pulling Ning Luoxiao in, and it turned into a long kiss.

Bai Yanchuan had been keeping his distance from women for quite some time. But the alcohol and the kiss woke his primal instinct up as he grabbed Ning Luoxiao’s waist and deepened the kiss.

Realizing the sudden change, Ning Luoxiao’s eyes widened.

She tried to pull herself back, but it was already too late for her.

In just a few seconds, she was being drowned in happiness.

Huo Sanyan came out from the bathroom and realized a man was lying on the bed. The first thought that came to her mind was that Bai Yanchuan had returned.

But the more she looked, the more she realized something was off.

The man on the bed was wearing a familiar uniform.

Huo Sanyan crept towards the bed and could smell that the man reeked of alcohol.

She turned the man over and gasped.

The man lying there was Ye Xun.

She began to wonder why Ye Xun was in her room.

And the explanation she could think of was Bai Yanchuan. She thought Bai Yanchuan must’ve made Ye Xun drunk and brought him to her room because that was what she wanted.

But the truth was that the two drunk men accidentally switched their room cards.

Ye Xun had no idea he was in the wrong room.

Wondering what to do next, Huo Sanyan sighed as she looked at the completely drunk man.

Then she thought of the pain he’d put her through in the past few days. Enraged by the thought, Huo Sanyan raised her leg and kicked Ye Xun.

“Hot…,” Ye Xun murmured as he was slightly woken up by the kick.

He started to pull his jacket off as the alcohol in him was making his body hot.

“Serves you right!” Huo Sanyan scolded.

But Huo Sanyan then did something that she didn’t even think she would do. She started to help Ye Xun take his jacket and shoes off.

But as she was doing that, Ye Xun suddenly grabbed her wrist.

“Yanyan… don’t go…”

Stunned by what Ye Xun had just said, Huo Sanyan stared at him, wondering if he was really drunk or if he was just pretending.

She was confused. She couldn’t understand why Ye Xun would still call her name when he already had a new girlfriend.

“Let me go!”

Huo Sanyan tried to pull her arm back, but Ye Xun’s firm grip

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