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Chapter 1837: Trying To Get Close

“That’s right. I am a diamond member.”

Huo Sanyan intentionally emphasized that she was the highest level customer here.

They both knew this spa center was the most upscale one in Mo City. It was limited to members only and there were only ten people who could become diamond level members in the entire city. She said this to create distance between her and Ning Luoxiao.

However, she never would’ve thought Ning Luoxiao’s eyes would light up and say, “That’s great. I am also a diamond member.”


Huo Sanyan only laughed when she heard her and didn’t continue to speak.

However, she already decided in her heart that she would cancel this diamond membership after her spa treatment today. There was no way she would have her treatment done at the same place as Ning Luoxiao.

The treatment started and the two of them were arranged to lie down beside each other, leaving a two-meter-wide aisle between them.

Ning Luoxiao took the initiative to speak to her. “Did President Huo come here to treat her body because you are also going to join the party at the holiday villa tonight?”

Ning Luoxiao didn’t wait for an answer before saying, “Oh, I forgot. You already broke up with Ye Xun. He wouldn’t be able to bring two women at the same time and can only bring me. What a pity. I heard the activities are quite interesting. I even wondered if I would see President Huo joining in the activities!”


Huo Sanyan did a big eye roll in her heart. Humph, don’t think that I can’t go just because you guys are going.

Just you wait!

Even if I’ve broken up, I will still be the most radiant in the whole event!

After that, it was basically Ning Luoxiao who took the initiative to chat. Huo Sanyan would sometimes reply half-heartedly. In any case, only a fool would not be able to sense the disinterest in her voice. She really didn’t want to chat with her!

After the spa treatment was finally done, Huo Sanyan changed her clothes and left. Ning Luoxiao also followed along.

“President Huo, where are you planning on going right now?”

She really wanted to ask Ning Luoxiao if she was just pretending to be dumb. As Ye Xun’s current girlfriend, was it appropriate for her to keep on trying to get close to his ex-girlfriend?

“I’m going back to the company.”

Huo Sanyan replied without thinking. She didn’t tell the truth. There was no way she was telling her that she was planning on going to the styling studio to get her makeup done.

A brand new supercar was parked outside the spa treatment center. Ning Luoxiao saw the car and went straight towards it. Moreover, she turned around and asked Huo Sanyan, “President Huo, our car is here. Do you want to catch a ride?”

Huo Sanyan lifted her head and also discovered the super cool sports car. Moreover, she saw Ye Xun sitting inside. The man acted as if he didn’t see her even when he did. He went directly to Ning Luoxiao.


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