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Chapter 1859: The Way He Loved Her Was Quite Perverted!

She even went so far as to hide her things and fantasize she would return to his house.

That’s why, if this wasn’t love, what was it?

She already fell in love with him!

When she thought of Ye Xun, the only thing she felt in her heart was an indescribable feeling of feeling wrong. She was very upset and also missed him. The thing she wanted to do right now was to have a good cry while in his embrace.

When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but ask Jing Xi, “Where is he? Where did he go?”

She thought about how badly she scolded him just now and even asked him to take a hike. Right now, she felt like she really overdid it!

“Ye Xun went to the border. It might be some time before he comes back so you should just wait for him at home. Once he comes back, don’t throw a temper tantrum anymore. The two of you should share all the things in your hearts. There is nothing that is unsolvable as long as you guys have enough trust in each other.”

As their mediator, Jing Xi really had so many worries. She really wanted to turn all of her past relationship experience into a book and then personally teach it to them.

“Oh, I understand. I will wait for him to come back.”

Huo Sanyan promised she would still give him a chance.

Jing Xi’s mission was complete. The rest would depend on them.

The problems all arose from them. There was no one else besides them who could save themselves. Other people didn’t have the power to do so.

Jing Xi finished saying all that needed to be said and then said, “Sanyan, you should think about it carefully. Once you are discharged, I will come back to get you.”

“Okay. You go and do your work.”

Jing Xi wanted to give her some time alone so that she could think by herself.

She got up and left the patient’s room. Before she left, she met the doctor and asked about when Huo Sanyan would be discharged. She planned on driving here to fetch her.

Huo Sanyan was the only one left in the patient’s room. She lay down on the bed and started to think about the past, about all of her time with Ye Xun.

Although she didn’t believe in marriage, he treated her so well for so many years. He’d already infiltrated her life long ago and she had grown to rely on him for her life.

She admitted that ever since she left Ye Xun, she felt like an insect that had lost a leg, unable to move a single step.

Right now, she started to feel regret again. Regret for everything that she did to Ye Xun.

They would often say how much she loved Ye Xun three years ago. However, because of that explosion, she had already forgotten the time when she loved him.

She really wished she could remember that time right now so that she could love him as much as he loved her.

Huo Sanyan could be discharged in the afternoon. Jing Xi made some porridge that would help treat the stomach. She filled a bowl and brought it over for lunch

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