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Chapter 1864: Absurd

The base was huge, and Huo Sanyan was brought into one of the tents that was set up there. She was tied to the chair as two soldiers watched her while one other went to inform their commanding officer.

Not long after came a company commander.

“Where’s the spy?” the commander asked.

“He’s in there,” the soldier replied as he pointed at the tent Huo Sanyan was in.

The commander, named Gu, nodded and went into the tent.

He looked at the so-called spy and started the interrogation.

“You better tell us the truth! What are you doing here?”

“Please, sir, it’s all a mistake. I’m not a spy, I’m a reporter. You can check my ID!”

Huo Sanyan tried to explain.

The commander nodded at one of the soldiers, telling him to look for her ID card. The soldier searched Huo Sanyan and was surprised when Huo Sanyan felt soft to touch.

The soldier took out the ID card from Huo Sanyan’s chest pocket and handed it to the commander while whispering something.

Commander Gu was surprised to learn what was told to him and threw the ID on the table.

“This is a fake ID! What’s your intention?” Commander Gu scolded.


The soldier must’ve accidentally touched Huo Sanyan’s chest when he was looking for her ID and instantly found out that the person that was tied to the chair was actually a woman.

Seeing that Huo Sanyan wasn’t going to reply, Commander Gu ordered, “Execute her!”

“Yes, sir!” both soldiers that were guarding Huo Sanyan immediately replied.

“Wait! I really am not a spy!” Huo Sanyan shouted. “I’m here to look for someone!”


“Ye Xun!”

All that were present were surprised to hear their General’s name. More so, they were surprised that the person could call the General by his full name.

“I’ll give you one last chance. What’s your relationship with the General?” Commander Gu asked.

“I… I’m his lover!”

“Bullshit! Our General isn’t even married yet! Take her away!”

Commander Gu scolded her, as what Huo Sanyan said sounded too absurd.

“No! I mean, I’m his girlfriend! My name is Huo Sanyan! Ask him! If he says he doesn’t know me, then you can do whatever you want!”

Huo Sanyan’s words stunned Commander Gu as he remembered that the General did have a girlfriend, and her name started with Huo. The only thing he wasn’t sure about was whether the woman who was pretending to be a man was that girlfriend or not.

The commander had to make sure that he didn’t accidentally kill the General’s girlfriend. He ordered the soldiers to continue monitoring Huo Sanyan while he went to look for Ye Xun.

Ye Xun was in the main tent, discussing the defense line with other commanders.

“Sir, Commander Gu said he has something to report!” a soldier came in and reported.

“Didn’t I say no interruptions?” Ye Xun scolded.

“My apologies, sir, but he said it was urgent…”

“Let him in!”


Commander Gu came in not long after the soldier

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