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Chapter 1847: Mistake

The first thing Ye Xun saw when he opened his eyes was a man arranging his shirt.

The first thing that came to Ye Xun mind was that he had slept with a man.

Bai Yanchuan turned around and looked at Ye Xun. The sight of Bai Yanchuan’s smile made Ye Xun jump out from the bed.

“Bai Yanchuan!”

Realizing Ye Xun might’ve misunderstood the situation, Bai Yanchuan smiled cunningly and did not explain what happened to him.

“Yesterday… You… What…. No!”

Ye Xun grabbed his head as he couldn’t believe he had slept with Bai Yanchuan.

Bai Yanchuan got up and put his coat on before saying, “You are really bad in bed.”


Ye Xun could only stare at Bai Yanchuan speechlessly.

He always knew Estan was famous for a lot of gay people, but he never expected the president of Baisi Group to be one.

Ye Xun began to think that Bai Yanchuan could be bi-sexual, someone who could have a relationship with either a man or a woman.

Bai Yanchuan did not plan to explain himself. He wanted to help Huo Sanyan get some revenge on Ye Xun for ignoring her.

“I’m going to get my breakfast. Think about what you’ve done yourself.”

Bai Yanchuan laughed and left, leaving Ye Xun alone in the room.

Ye Xun thought of the soft skin he’d touched the night before and began to wonder if it really belonged to a man.

In the end, Ye Xun convinced himself not to think about it. With Bai Yanchuan’s status, he would never tell anyone about it. Ye Xun would just have to think about it as a mistake he made.

If he never talked about it, Huo Sanyan would never know.

After calming himself down, Ye Xun cleaned himself up and went down to the restaurant too.

Huo Sanyan and Ning Luoxiao were having breakfast when a man walked in.

The moment Ning Luoxiao noticed it was Bai Yanchuan, she quickly lowered her head. She was worried that the man would know what she did the night before and would have her pay for it.

But Bai Yanchuan just approached them and greeted, “Good morning, my two beautiful ladies.”

Since Bai Yanchuan ran out of the room without checking which room it was, he could never find out which room it was again as every door looked the same in the hotel.

“Good morning!” both Huo Sanyan and Ning Luoxiao greeted back.

“I’ll go get my food,” Bai Yanchuan said and left for the buffet table as Ning Luoxiao let out a sigh of relief.

“Ms. Ning, is something wrong?” Huo Sanyan asked as she realized Ning Luoxiao seemed a little pale.

“What… Oh… It’s nothing.” Ning Luoxiao smiled.

Bai Yanchuan got his food and sat down next to Huo Sanyan.

Bai Yanchuan didn’t start eating right away. Instead, he just looked at Huo Sanyan.

“Wh… Why are you staring at me?’ Huo Sanyan asked.

“Did you have a great night last night?” Bai Yanchuan asked with a low voice.

Realizing that it was Bai Yanchuan’s plan all along, Huo Sanyan rolled her eyes and ignored him.

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