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It was break time at Yunhai Entertainment. A vintage phonograph sat atop a cupboard in the CEO’s office, filling the space with piano music.

Huo Yunshen would only listen to music when he was in a good mood. The phonograph had been collecting dust for years, and it finally got to play some beautiful music again.

Music was one of Huo Yunshen’s hobbies, and he was very talented. He could play various orchestra instruments. If he had pursued a music career from the start, he might’ve become a famous musician by now.

He was also proficient in writing lyrics and composing music. He had written and produced the ending theme for the movie that got him the award for international best actor, “24 Hours of Life.”

As Huo Yunshen sat immersing himself in the music, he got a call from Xu Xiyan. He was both shocked and surprised by the call. He quickly turned off the music.

“Yunhai Entertainment. How may I help you?”

“Huo Yunshen… Oh, my apologies… Mr. Huo. I have something to ask you. Did you keep the dirty clothes that you helped me change out of the day before yesterday?”

“Yes. I just had them washed.” Huo Yunshen could hear Xu Xiyan panting on the other side of the phone. “Why? What’s the matter?”

It’s still there, Xu Xiyan was relieved. “Was there any paper in the pocket when you washed it?”

Huo Yunshen thought about it. “There was, but it was destroyed by the washing machine.”

Huo Yunshen was not used to checking the pockets before washing his clothes. He would always soak the clothes in water and detergent before throwing them into the machine.

He only noticed that there was a piece of paper in the pocket after the clothes came out. By then, the paper had turned to pulp. It was impossible to read what was on it anymore.


As soon as Xu Xiyan heard Huo Yunshen’s reply, everything went black. It was like she was struck by lightning; she felt like dying on the spot.

“Was it important,” Huo Yunshen asked.

If the receipt from the pawn shop is gone, how am I supposed to reclaim my mother’s violin?

Oh, God! Are you trying to kill me?

“Hello? Xu Xiyan? Is that paper important?”.

“No, it’s not important. I’m fine. Goodbye.”

After Xu Xiyan hung up, she felt like crying. Who could she blame?

Huo Yunshen helped her wash her clothes out of kindness. There was no way she could blame him. All she could do was blame her luck.

Even though she had lost the receipt, Xu Xiyan did not give up. She still wanted to go to the pawn shop and ask whether she could get her violin back without the receipt.

Xu Xiyan went to Peijing Pawn Shop, where she talked to the manager at the front desk. But he told her there was nothing to be done.

“We’re sorry, ma’am. This is the rule of our pawn shop; we can’t give you a free pass. Please understand. We won’t be able to let you reclaim the violin unless you have the receipt. Maybe you could go back and look harder?”

Xu Xiyan left the pawn shop

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