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By listening to the murmurings of the crowd, Xu Xiyan learned the identity of the woman who she’d just squabbled with. She was the Peijing-born violin diva, Xue Yating.

If Xu Xiyan remembered correctly, Xue Yating’s father was Xue Zhengrong, the biggest industrialist in the country. It was no wonder he had the power to put his daughter onto the world stage.

Xue Zhengrong had also just mentioned something about Xue Yating wanting a violin. Could it be that she was eyeing Xu Xiyan’s mother’s violin?

Her heart began to beat incredibly fast. She picked up her money and her bag from the floor, and ran to the auction registration office.

After registering and getting a bidder number, Xu Xiyan entered the auction hall. She looked for a seat and sat down.

Finally, the auction started. Pictures and information for each of the five musical instruments were displayed on the big screen. Xu Xiyan recognized the violin named “Artemis”—the one that her mother had used. The one named after her mother.

Her mother’s name was Jing Ruyue, but Artemis was her English name. When Xu Xiyan saw the violin, an image of her mother playing it flashed in her mind.

Xu Xiyan was both anxious and excited. She silently prayed that she would be able to get the violin back.

The auctioneer appeared, and the auction began. Xu Xiyan did not care for the first four lots. She was waiting for the fifth one to appear. She was waiting for Artemis.

On the stage, the staff placed the fifth auction lot on a stand. The violin was visibly aged, and rested inside a glass case.

The white-gloved auctioneer began to introduce the instrument to the crowd of collectors.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here now is a violin. It has a lovely name: ‘Artemis.’ Named after the moon god of Greek mythology, it was created by the world-renowned Italian luthier, Antonius-Stradivari, and was owned by the world-class violinist, Artemis.

“This violin is well preserved and has a beautiful sound. The starting price is 50,000. You may start bidding.”

Xu Xiyan’s placard was the first in the air.

The auctioneer gestured at her, “Okay, first bid goes to No. 7!”

More bids followed. Placards rose into the air one after another, and the price of her mother’s violin soared. It quickly rose to 200,000 Yuan.

Please don’t rise anymore! Please don’t rise anymore! Please don’t rise any more…

Xu Xiyan prayed silently, but it seemed the crowd was in a bidding frenzy, and wouldn’t stop raising their placards into the air.

Many people thought that the violin was worth collecting. It was not only because it was the work of Antonius-Stradivari, but it was also because Artemis had owned it previously.

Artemis was a former world-class violinist, as well as a superstar in the entertainment industry.

Although she had not managed to win the title of Best Actress, she was considered an uncrowned queen in the hearts of the people.

Due to the immeasura

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