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“Hello, everyone. I’m Cherry Baby’s aunt, Orange!I’m really thrilled to have the opportunity to meet all of you. Cherry’s mum will be very busy from now on. So I’ll be helping out with Cherry’s live streaming for a while. I think we’ll get along well! Thank you!”

Fang Xiaocheng was very nervous as she spoke to the audience, and her voice was a little shaky. Luckily, she didn’t make any mistakes.

The livestream continued according to the script, and the two partnered up quite well. Fang Xiaocheng began to relax in the midst of the process and started to focus.

Because Cherry had prepared two special episode for her return to Zstan, the number of fans had risen dramatically. More and more fans started to flood their live streaming.

Huo Yunshen sat at D office in the Yunhai Entertainment building. He was one of the fans watching the livestream.

What surprised him was that Cherry Baby had prepared a two-episode special edition stream.

Hup Yunshen had been watching livestreams for a few months, and he’d begun to grasp the fundamentals. When he saw other fans sending gifts to the cute little girl, he could not control his urge to send her gifts as well.

Suddenly the streaming page changed into celebratory settings. The system messages showed that a user, Tianshang Piaolai Yiduo Yun, had sent them a crystal carriage that was worth 10,000 Yuan.

Fang Xiaocheng’s eyes were wide as she stared at the screen. Holy shit. Some billionaire just send us a ton of money!

If they split the 10,000, each of them could get 5,000 each.

Oh my god! So this is why people work as streamers…

The auction ended with Tianshang Piaozhe Yiduo Yun bidding 5,060 Yuan for the Succulent Knight.

After the stream ended, Fang Xiaocheng realized that she had learned a lot from it. She finally gave into the idea of being a livestreamer, and decided to follow Ying Bao for the rest of her life. They could livestream together and get very rich.

Since Fang Xiaocheng had finally settled her financial problem with livestreaming, she began to worry about Xu Xiyan.

“I thought you’ve always hated the showbiz? What made you decide on becoming an actress?”

After seeing Xu Xiyan’s stunt performance earlier that day, she wondered if Xu Xiyan was in her right mind. Wouldn’t it be great if you just continue doing live streaming with your daughter? Why would you choose the harder path?

But this was not the first time Xu Xiyan had acted; she had taken various acting jobs when she was still in Estan. Of course, most of them were minor characters or doubles, far from real acting.

A smile appeared on Xu XIyan’s face as she told Fang Xiaocheng the truth.

“It’s true that I hate the showbiz. That field is filled with trash. Everyone uses each other, lies are everywhere…it’s a place where only the strong have a hope at survival. Sometimes I think the place is like hell, itself, trapping thousands of souls with ease. I entered the showbiz n

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