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Xu Xiyan rubbed at her nose, uncertain of what she should feel. She was worried that all of their silly jokes would be bad for Ying Bao’s upbringing, her education.

They moved from the entrance hall into the house. Fang Xiaocheng immediately began to busy herself with her chores. She did not ask where Xu Xiyan had really been for the entire night.

Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but ask.

“Orange…aren’t you worried about me? I didn’t come back last night.”

“Not one bit, and let me say, you really full of surprises.”

Xu Xiyan wasn’t sure how to respond. “…”

“See for yourself!” Fang Xiaocheng said, handing over the newspaper. Xu Xiyan took a look at it, and was shocked by the headlines.

The report read: “President of Entertainment Company Violently Attacked.”


After reading it, Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but to snort, laughing. She hadn’t expected Chu Yuhe to be front-page news after getting stabbed by her.

Ying Bao was close at hand, oblivious to their conversation, and Fang Xiaocheng combed her hair, laughing as she explained.

“To tell you the truth, I was worried about you. I was afraid that the Chu guy would do something to you. I tried to call you but the calls wouldn’t get through, so I figured that your phone had run out of battery.”

“I worried for the whole night” she continued. “I was about to go to the police when I saw the news. I was so relieved. Now, I only have two words for you: Beautifully. Done.”

“Thank you…”

With this news, Xu Xiyan felt happy enough to launch herself into the sky. Haha…

“Don’t be too happy yet! What if Chu Yuhe files a report and the police come after you?”

Fang Xiaocheng suspected that Chu Yuhe was probably not going to let Xu Xiyan off easily. After all, he had been injured in this incident. Xu Xiyan would be in big trouble if Chu Yuhe was able to take her to court over it.

“Come for me? I was only defending myself. He wouldn’t dare call the police.”

Xu Xiyan was unperturbed. Chu Yuhe had been stabbed in the butt. It must have been humiliating for him. He wouldn’t dare call the police, not unless he was willing to face the jeering of the public.

She wondered how he was going to explain it to Xu Xinrou. How embarrassing!

“I hope you’re right. If Chu dares to call the police, I will be the first to give him a piece of my mind,” said Fang Xiaocheng with righteous indignation. “I’ll be your witness and tell the police that he was the one who started it. Do you have any plans today? Wanna take Ying Bao for a day out?”

“No, I don’t have time today.” Xu Xiyan had almost forgotten that she had work lined up. “I landed a gig as a stunt double and I have to go soon.”

“F*cking workaholic.”

She’s just returned from abroad and she’s already busy as a bee. Is she that desperate?

“What can I do? I have a kid to feed. I’m just trying to be strong and independent.”

The betrayals and abuse Xu Xiyan had endured five years ago had taught X

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