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Chapter 31 – An Annoying Stumbling Block

“How could you say that? The Xu family will always be your home.”

Xu Xinrou donned an expression of false concern. “You should at least go back and visit grandfather and grandmother. And dad, too. They’ve really been missing you.”

“Oh, I will. If I have time.”

The only person that she really wanted to see was her grandfather, but she wouldn’t able to go visit him for the time being. She wanted to wait until she had settled down.

“Do you have a place to live now?” Xu Xinrou asked.

“I’m staying at a friend’s house.”

Xu Xiyan turned away. She had no intention of continuing this conversation.

It suited Xu Xinrou’s interests that Xu Xiyan would rather live at a friend’s house than go home. She hoped that her sister would never return.

Xu Xinrou glanced at the number tag on Xu Xiyan’s chest.

“Jing Xi? You changed your name? No. 222? So you’re here to audition, too?I didn’t know you wanted to be an actor. Which role are you gunning for? I could put in a good word with the production crew. After all, you are my sister. My recommendation could go a long way.”

“It’s okay,” Xu Xiyan said bluntly. “I don’t need anyone’s help in getting this role.”

When Xu Xinrou was about to open her mouth to say something, her assistant Wen Li approached.

“Xin Rou, it’s time for your audition! Let’s go!”

“Well, Yan Yan, if you need anything, just come straight to your sister. My number is still the same.” Xu Xinrou sighed, putting on her sunglasses, and following Wen Li out of the waiting hall.

Before entering the audition hall, Xu Xinrou turned to Wen Li, speaking in a hushed voice.

“Go to the crew and tell them not to let No. 222 pass through the audition, no matter what.”

With that, Wen Li was off. Xu Xinrou wanted to stamp out Xu Xiyan’s chances of success as soon as possible, afraid that she might surpass her in the future.

Xu Xiyan’s sudden appearance after five years presented a risk. Once she made her debut, she would no doubt be a very attractive newcomer.

Xu Xinrou was Juxing Entertainment’s front-line super star. There was no room in the Xu family for another celebrity, and she would never allow Xu Xiyan to snatch her opportunities away by joining the entertainment industry.

Xu Xinrou had applied for the female lead role, and therefore was able to go into the audition first. She entered the audition hall and ten minutes later, she came out again.

She was visibly upset; she hadn’t been selected for the female lead role, which had been taken by Qi Liya. Moreover, she had barely managed to land the supporting actress role. It was very disappointing.

As long as Qi Liya was present, Xu Xinrou wouldn’t be able to beat her. Qi Liya was an annoying stumbling block which would be difficult to get over.

Qi Liya was from Yunhai Entertainment, and Xu Xinrou was from Juxing Entertainment. Because of this, she always felt inferior to Qi Liya.

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